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We reviewed the price of ORYZAE

Overview of price revision

This time, we have revised the price from the idea of ​​expanding the production volume of and making it easier for customers to use .

All products are displayed with consumption tax included and shipping fee not included (280 yen).

Product name Before revision After revision
ORYZAE Standard Set ¥ 2,980 ¥ 2,100
SOY | Soy sauce 糀 980 yen 750 yen
SALT | Salt Jiuqu 980 yen 750 yen
SWEET | Sweet Jiuqu 980 yen

750 yen

Background of price revision

Food cosmetics ORYZAE is about a year old. So far, we have delivered fermented beauty foods while proclaiming "supporting beauty from the intestines".

The price is not cheap, but we have been committed to delivering the best products to our customers, as the saying goes, "Health cannot be bought with money."

I have something to say all the time. It says, " There are certainly things you shouldn't eat, but there's nothing you shouldn't eat. As long as you have a body that can be detoxified outside your body, it's okay to overdo it. " is.

In that case, we decided to revise the price at the turning point of one year with the desire to make it easier for more people to use the product.

Yasuhide Koizumi, Representative of Agukuru Co., Ltd.

Product details

ORYZAE standard set : 2100 yen

A standard set containing 150g each of 3 types of ORYZAE (SOY, SALT, SWEET).

Comes with "ORYZAE BOOK" that explains how to use it in detail.

SOY | Soy sauce 糀 : 750 yen

Jiuqu x soy sauce sauce, you can easily make from main dish to side dish with this one.

SALT | Salt Jiuqu : 750 yen

Jiuqu x salt sauce, which is less horny and sweeter than regular salted jiuqu.

The salt used as the raw material is the traditional sea salt "Umi no Sei" carefully made in Izu Oshima, which contains various minerals.

SWEET | Sweet Jiuqu : 750 yen

It is a sauce created by fermenting Jiuqu for a long time.

Although it is sometimes compared to concentrated amazake, the rich sweetness that amazake does not have is like a custard cream of rice.

Not only can it be used in bread or yogurt, but it is also ideal as a secret ingredient in cooking.


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Please take this opportunity to pick up the Jiuqu sauce.

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