For me, for you.

When I was enrolled in the Faculty of Agriculture at the university, I was thinking, "Who and how do you want to live in this era of rapid change?"

Under such circumstances, I found the meaning of life, "to pass on the feelings and cultural batons inherited by our predecessors to the next generation," and found the philosophy of "selfish altruism."

Just as the world is born from the “circulation of thoughts and actions of our predecessors,” the future in which the next generation can live better depends on our thoughts and actions. ..

Self-centered altruism because it is difficult to always think altruistically The idea that "actions for one's happiness lead to the happiness of others, society, and the earth" I think it is necessary.

ORYZAE is a product created from such thoughts. The name ORYZAE stands for "Jiuqu" and is designated as the national bacterium of Japan.

From "Fermentation culture has been inherited from ancient times in terms of health and deliciousness" and "Fermented foods that are good for your body are made by microorganisms and are kind to the earth" We believe that "fermentation" is the baton that should be passed down to the next generation.

Through ORYZAE, we will deliver the happiness of the heart to live simply with microorganisms and the happiness of children and their families becoming healthy from the daily dining table.

I want to nurture ORZAYE together with you and pass it on to the next generation so that you can think that "your health eventually led to the future of the earth" . I am thinking.

ORYZAE Representative Yasuhide Koizumi