"For me" leads to "for you."

What’s for my own good be for your own good.

When I was a student at a university studying agronomy, I always thought about for whom and how I wanted to live in a constantly evolving society. Under such circumstances, I’ve found a meaning in my life: inheriting the thoughts and cultures from our ancestors to the next generation. Along with that, I’ve found a philosophical idea of “self-centered altruism”.

As today’s world originated by the circulation of the expectation and the conduct of the predecessor, whether our next generation is able to live a better life is in our hands. Constantly considering altruistically can be challenging; and therefore, I believe that “self-centered altruism” is necessary, the idea of: what we act for our own welfare directly leads to the happiness for others and the society as a whole.

ORYZAE is a product that was established through those thoughts and its name solely represents aspergillus. This bacterium is designated as the national bacterium of Japan. The unique culture of fermentation has been inherited through its health and appetite. In addition, the fact that fermented food that is favorable for the human body is formed by ecological organisms, I believe that the concept of fermentation should be passed to the next generation.

Throughout ORYZAE, we aim to deliver the fulfillment by the fermented food and by creating healthier meals for children and their families. I wish to nurture ORYZAE with individuals and inherit it to the next generation, in an attempt to create a society where individuals are able to believe: “What’s good for my own health resulted in the long-lasting healthy future of the Earth”.


Koizumi Yasuhide