Shipping policy

About delivery method h2>

At our company, we deliver by Japan Post in two ways. p>

① Click post (post mailing size)
② Yu-Pack (60 to 170 sizes) p>

About shipping fee h2>

The shipping fee will change depending on the contents to be delivered. (Shipping list)

Total number of items in the cart td> Shipping method td> Shipping td> Specify time td> tr>
When 3 points or less (* 1)
Click Post td> 280 yen td> Impossible td> tr>
When 4 points or more (* 2) td> Yu-Pack (60 size ~) td> 500 yen td> Possible td> tr> tbody>

* 1: Image of less than 3 points
・ 1 plain, 1 chocolate, 1 banana
・ 1 popular 3 types set (because the contents are 3)
* 2: Image of 4 points or more
・ 2 plains, 1 chocolate, 1 banana
・ 1 popular 3 types set, 1 plain
・1 set of 3 types of chocolate sauce, 1 plain p>

Delivery days h2>

Usually, we will ship within 3 business days after the payment is completed. It usually arrives within 3 days of shipping. p>

However, if there are holidays such as New Year and Golden Week, we will ship sequentially after the next business day. p>

* Business days are weekdays excluding Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, and year-end and New Year holidays. P>


If the delivery address is absent h2>

If the delivery address is absent, the carrier will post an absentee card and contact the delivery address to respond. p>

Basically, if the delivery address is absent even after 7 days have passed since the absentee card was posted, the product will be returned to the shipping source. p>

If the item cannot be delivered and is returned, the customer will be responsible for the shipping cost for redelivery, so please accept it as much as possible. p>