Make you beautiful, Make the world beautiful.

Make me beautiful, make the world beautiful.


I want to be healthy and beautiful no matter how old I am.

But I have another feeling.

If my own actions for happiness have the choice to beautify the earth, I would like to choose such a life.

Now, global warming due to CO2 emissions and environmental load due to pesticides and chemical fertilizers are occurring on this earth.

I used to think of it as someone else's affair.

But sudden encounters in life turn them into your own in an instant.


At one point, I thought that we could realize a fermenting society in which the world is improved by the work of human beings, just as the work of bacteria and microorganisms produces good fermented foods for the body.

I made ORYZAE with the desire to increase the number of "fermented people" who contribute to the beautiful earth at the same time as being beautiful and healthy by eating.

ORYZAE provides a diet that is "simple, but delicious and beautiful," and delivers exciting everyday life for both your heart and body.

May the beautiful earth remain in the future where microorganisms and humans coexist.

Make me beautiful, make the world beautiful.