Make you beautiful, Make the world beautiful.

Style me alluring, shape the world stunning

We want people to feel healthy and beautiful when consuming food.
The brand “Food cosmetics ORYZAE” arose from this belief.
“sugar-free”, “gluten-free”, “zero carb”.
these characteristics might have been one of the primary reasons
for our customers to buy our product.

Yet, I would like to emphasize one thing.
On the moment you consume ORYZAE, for just that particular moment,
I would like you to purely enjoy the "taste" of the Koji itself,
apart from all the facts and messages behind it.
In other words, don’t let the context (phrase, information) be the reason,
yet genuinely appreciate the content.

And our true journey lies in the pursuit of health and beauty,
even beyond the taste.

Food cosmetics ORYZAE Koizumi