Make you beautiful , Make the world beautiful.















Style me alluring, shape the world stunning.


I want to appear healthy and alluring while getting up in years.

However, I have another sentiment.

If I have the opportunity to live a life where the decisions I make for my happiness eventually leads to the Earth becoming a better place, it’s exactly how I want to live my life.

These days, on this Earth, due to the excessive emission of CO2, global warming has been progressing more than ever. In addition, the utilization of pesticides and chemical fertilizers has also been a burden to the environment.

I used to think as if it was somebody else’s problem

Yet, sudden encounters with others redirect our beliefs and ways of thinking.


Just like how fermented food products are formed by the workings of bacteria and microorganisms, I’ve recognized that by the actions of each individual, we are able to construct a society with the centered belief of fermentation, eventually making the world a better place.

I wished if more ‘fermented people’ existed in this world, people that contributed to building the world an alluring place at the same time as feeling healthy and beautiful after consuming food; and therefore, I’ve started ORYZAE

ORYZAE offers simple yet flavorsome and appealing eating habits, delivering excitement to our heart and body everyday. 

I wish the verdant Earth to live endlessly through a society where microorganisms and human beings are coexistent.


Style me alluring, shape the world stunning.