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What is "ORYZAE" ?

Our company and product name "ORYZAE" is named after the national bacterium of Japan, "Aspergillus oryzae."

This is generally called Koji (麹)* made from malted and fermaented rice grains.

3 years ago, we developed our first product "ORYZAE", which is 100% rice koji based sweetener. Now we use this ORYZAE as un alternative natural sweetener in a variety of our products such as granola, beverages, and seasonings. 




 100% Koji sweetness 

Our products are sweetened only with rice koji (fermented rice grains) in a traditional japanese way.


We do not add any refined or brown sugar. Koji developes the savory and deep sweetness, which is one of the most unique.


Our products are free from gluten. This helps customers keep their intestinal environment healthier.

 Carefully chosen ingredients 

For the health of our customers and for sustainable consumption, we only use natural ingredients. We value the balance between our customers, producers, an the environment.


Koji granola

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