Recommended 3 types set (dried fruit / Earl Gray / seed)

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The most popular set containing 1 bag (200g) each of dried fruit, Earl Gray and seeds. Estimated 40g per meal, you can eat about 15 servings with one set.

1. 砂糖不使用。米麹100%の優しい甘み
2. 糖質オフで食物繊維がたっぷり
3. グルテンフリーの優しさ

Name Granola Ingredients
Dried fruits: oatmeal, rice koji, rice flour, rice oil, raisins, green raisins, dried cranberries *, tradition Sea salt
Earl gray: Oatmeal, rice koji, rice oil, Earl gray powder
Seeds: oatmeal, rice koji, rice flour, rice oil, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, kuko nuts, traditional sea Salt
Contents 200g
Expiration date 3 months
Storage method Store in a cool and dark place away from direct sunlight.
Manufacturer BAKESHOP8528 (601-6 Hakonomori Shinden, Sakura City, Tochigi Prefecture)
Seller Agukuru Co., Ltd. (1-40 Higashiyanaze, Utsunomiya City, Tochigi Prefecture) -8)

Earl Gray
Energy 186kcal Protein 4.2g Lipid 8.1g Carbohydrate 25.7g Carbohydrate 22.2g Dietary fiber 3.5g Salt equivalent 0.04g Dried fruit
Energy 174kcal Protein 3.4g Fat 6.4g Carbohydrate 24.9g Carbohydrate 22.0g Dietary fiber 2.9g Salt equivalent 0.04g Seed
Energy 198kcal Protein 5.6g Lipid 10.8g Carbohydrate 23.6g Sugar 20.7g Dietary fiber 2.9g Salt equivalent 0.04g

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