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[Regular flights] SALT | Salt Jiuqu

[Regular flights] SALT | Salt Jiuqu

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ORYZAE 1 type (150g) single item set.

* Booklets and recipe books are not included.

Bring out the unwavering inner value

The beauty born from within the body never shakes.

The source is daily meals. What you eat becomes your body.

For every day you can feel such a natural feeling and the value that springs up from within.

Food cosmetics for beauty sleeping in the body

ORYZAE is a fermented rice bran sauce. It is a food cosmetic that leads to "easy, delicious, and healthy" everyday meals that are important for beauty.

ORYZAE × Clean replenishment with vegetables

By combining ORYZAE and vegetables, you can incorporate three elements that support the preparation of the intestinal environment "easily and deliciously". All you need to do is eat deliciously.

Three elements of food that prepares the intestines
  1. Fermentation : During the fermentation process, many healthy ingredients such as vitamins and essential amino acids are produced.
  2. Dietary fiber : It serves as food for the good bacteria that exist in the intestines and increases the number of good bacteria.
  3. Oligosaccharide : It is a food for bifidobacteria, which is a typical good bacterium.

    Jiuqu skin-beautifying effect

    Jiuqu made by fermenting rice is rich in B vitamins and kojic acid, which have a beautiful skin effect.

    Vitamin B group

    Vitamin B group effectively supports the metabolism of proteins that make the skin and lays the foundation for beautiful skin.

    Kojic acid

    It has the function of suppressing the action of the enzyme (tyrosinase) that causes stains.

    The basis of immunity is formed and stabilized in the intestinal environment around the age of 3 . For him, daily meals are very important for the health of children. ORYZAE is perfect for children's meals.

    Intestinal environment

    About 7 of the immune cells that determine immunity live in the intestine. Therefore, the intestinal environment of children is very important for the prevention of illness and allergies. The combination of ORYZAE and vegetables that support an intestinal-pleasing diet is ideal for children's diets.

    For taste formation

    The base of taste is also decided around 3 years old. Getting used to processed products and strong flavors can lead to future obesity and lifestyle-related diseases. ORYZAE has a gentle taste derived from Jiuqu, so it supports the development of taste by knowing the deliciousness of the ingredients.

    Reliable raw materials / Foods that meet the standards for babies

    ORYZAE are all domestically produced and do not use chemical seasonings or additives. In addition, since it is a food that conforms to the standards for babies, it can be used safely by children.

    Because it's something you eat every day, something that is kind to your body

    ORYZAE is particular about "materials used" and "materials not used". The reason is that it's something you eat every day. We have carefully selected only what we need, without using unnecessary chemical seasonings or additives.


    3 The base of ORYZAE is made from rice that does not use pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

    Since no pesticides are used, active oxygen that causes bad bacteria is suppressed, supporting cleanliness from inside the body.


    Seawater from Izu Oshima 100% is condensed with the power of the sun and wind.

    In addition to sodium chloride, which is the main component of the salt, it contains various and well-balanced minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium.

    Well-balanced minerals help keep the skin moisturized.

    Food Labeling

    Processed rice jiuqu

    Raw materials

    SALT: Rice Jiuqu, Traditional Sea Salt

    Contents 150g
    Expiration date 12 months
    How to save
    Avoid direct sunlight and store in a cool and dark place.
    Jimbo Sakae Miku Shoten Co., Ltd. (1402, Imaichi, Nikko City, Tochigi Prefecture)
    Agukuru Co., Ltd. (1-40-8 Higashiyanaze, Utsunomiya City, Tochigi Prefecture)

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