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"Natural taste. Classic plain."

You can enjoy the natural taste of the ingredients, which are only made from rice jiuqu and oatmeal. The sweetness is modest, and the taste is finished so that you can eat it every day without getting tired. You can enjoy various arrangements according to your taste, such as your favorite fruits and nuts.

1. No sugar used. Gentle sweetness of 100% rice jiuqu
2. Sugar-free and plenty of dietary fiber
3. Gluten-free gentleness

Three elements of food that prepares the intestines
"Fermentation" : During the fermentation process, many healthy ingredients such as vitamins and essential amino acids are produced.
"Dietary fiber" : It serves as food for the good bacteria that exist in the intestines and increases the number of good bacteria.
"Oligosaccharide" : It is the food for bifidobacteria, which is a typical good bacterium. Jiuqu is rich in B vitamins and kojic acid, which have a beautiful skin effect.

Oatmeal, rice jiuqu, rice oil, traditional sea salt
Contents 200g

Energy 190kcal Protein 4.2 Lipid 8.6g Carbohydrate-Sugar 22.5g Dietary fiber 2.8g Salt equivalent 0.04g

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