[Conclusion] The recommended amazake for pregnant women is rice-jiuqu amazake.

"Can pregnant women drink amazake?"
"Why is it said that pregnant women should drink amazake?"
"What does it mean to get fat if you drink too much amazake?"

This time, I would like to answer all the questions about amazake for pregnant women.

By reading this article, you will learn the correct knowledge of amazake so that pregnant women can drink amazake effectively.

We would be happy if pregnant women could give birth to healthy and healthy babies through amazake.

Please read it to the end.

The recommended amazake for pregnant women is rice-jiuqu amazake.

First of all, let me tell you from the conclusion Amazake recommended for pregnant women Rice Jiuqu Amazake is.

Regarding the question, "Can pregnant women drink amazake in the first place?", You can drink rice-jiuqu amazake with peace of mind, but you need to be careful with lees amazake.

The reason why amazake recommended for pregnant women is rice-jiuqu amazake is Because there is no risk of consuming alcohol is.

Pregnant women are advised to refrain from drinking alcohol as it can have adverse effects on their newborn baby.

In fact, amazake includes sake lees amazake that contains alcohol and rice-jiuqu amazake that does not contain alcohol. 2 types there is.

Lees are rice cakes that remain after squeezing sake, so they contain alcohol.

On the other hand, rice jiuqu is made by changing the starch of rice into sweetness, so it does not contain alcohol.

As an easy-to-understand image, The one before making sake is rice jiuqu, and the one after making sake is lees. is.

For detailed differences such as nutrition, see " There are two types of amazake! What is the difference between rice koji amazake and sake lees amazake? Please have a look, as we have told you in.

in short Since rice koji amazake is non-alcoholic, it is recommended because even pregnant women can drink it with confidence. is.

What are the two benefits of amazake for pregnant women?

Now that I know that the recommendation is amazake, I would like to tell you about the benefits of drinking amazake for pregnant women.

Two benefits that pregnant women should drink amazake

  1. Adjusting the intestinal environment leads to relief of constipation
  2. It will be a nutritional supplement when you have anorexia.


① Adjusting the intestinal environment leads to relief of constipation

Pregnant women suffering from constipation can get rid of constipation by drinking amazake.

The nutrients produced by fermentation, such as oligosaccharides and dietary fiber contained in amazake, serve as food for the good bacteria in the intestine and improve the intestinal environment.

When the intestinal environment is in place, the movement to produce poop (stool) is normalized, and constipation is resolved.

② It will be a nutritional supplement when you have anorexia.

As a good effect for the second pregnant woman to drink amazake, It will be a nutritional supplement when you have anorexia. That can be mentioned.

Amazake is said to be a drip to drink. Carbohydrates, essential amino acids, B vitamins and minerals It contains such nutrition in a well-balanced manner.

As for the characteristics of amazake, it is not possible to be healthy if you drink only amazake. A well-balanced drink that contains the nutrients our body needs It's like that.

for that reason, Amazake is ideal when you don't have an appetite due to morning sickness or when you want to eat something a little sweet.

What should I do for pregnant women who have drank amazake?

The reason why pregnant women should refrain from lees amazake is alcohol, but I will tell you what to do if pregnant women drink lees amazake.

Summarized by the Japan Obstetrics and Gynecology Association " Drinking, smoking and birth defects " According to the report, alcohol intake during pregnancy and the effect on the foetation are said to be "small effect on the foetation" when the daily alcohol intake is less than 15 ml.

The lees themselves contain about 8% alcohol, but since the alcohol content of lees amazake is less than 1%, 100 ml is less than 1 ml.

Therefore, just because I drank it once " Fetal alcohol syndrome " Rest assured that it is unlikely to cause.

If you feel something is wrong with your body, please consult your doctor.

Drinking too much amazake causes pregnant women to gain weight

Rice koji amazake is known as a healthy drink, Drinking too much can cause you to gain weight, so take about 100g at a time.

Rice-jiuqu amazake also contains well-balanced minerals such as vitamin Bs such as folic acid and iron, which are necessary for pregnant women.

Therefore, it is a drink that you want to drink on a daily basis, but the main nutritional component is carbohydrates (sugar).

Carbohydrates (sugars) turn into energy and are needed to keep our body healthy.

However If you take too much, carbohydrates (sugar) [to be exact, glucose in which carbohydrates are decomposed] will be transformed into triglycerides and taken up by fat cells, causing fatness. It will be.

Therefore, Merienda Amazake is used as a snack in the morning when you have no appetite. About 100g per cup Let's drink as a guide.

To improve the intestinal environment and move toward relieving constipation, Needs continuous intake So, instead of drinking a lot at once, you can drink at the pace you want, such as every day or once every two days. Incorporating amazake into everyday life Is important.

in conclusion

How was that?

This time "The recommended amazake for pregnant women is rice-jiuqu amazake." So, I have told you about the effects of amazake and the precautions for lees amazake.

For pregnant women From the viewpoint of relieving constipation and nutritional supplementation, it is recommended to actively take amazake, which is a fermented food, but when drinking, please be aware of drinking amazake made from rice jiuqu, which is non-alcoholic.

However, drinking too much rice-jiuqu amazake can cause you to gain weight, so 100g a day Please take as a guide.

As I incorporate amazake into my daily life, I get tired of the same taste every day.

I drink it in combination with soy milk and yogurt, and add ginger, so please give it a try.