You can see it in 1 minute! Ranking of vegetables and fruits with a lot of dietary fiber

"I want to be healthy by eating dietary fiber."
"I want to know the goodness of each dietary fiber genre."
"How and how much should I eat vegetables and fruits?"

This time, I would like to tell you about the "Ranking of vegetables and fruits with a lot of dietary fiber".

What is dietary fiber?

First, I will briefly explain about dietary fiber.

Dietary fiber is a component contained in food, and is a component that cannot be decomposed by human digestive enzymes (indigestible).

Water-soluble dietary fiber is a dietary fiber that is soluble in water, and insoluble dietary fiber is a dietary fiber that is insoluble in water.

There is no good or bad, and both have their own characteristics.

Three reasons why dietary fiber is good for you

There are three reasons why it is good for you.

  1. Becomes food for good bacteria, prepares the intestinal environment, boosts immunity, and prevents illness
  2. Water-soluble dietary fiber softens poop, and insoluble dietary fiber adsorbs water and waste products to improve defecation
  3. Suppress the rapid rise in blood glucose level after meals

Next, we will tell you about vegetables and fruits with high fiber in different rankings.

Top 10 vegetables with high fiber content

10th place: Broccoli (dietary fiber: 4.4g)

9th place: Eda beans (dietary fiber: 5.0g)

8th place: Kanpyo (dietary fiber: 5.3g)

7th place: Brussels sprouts (dietary fiber: 5.5g)

6th place: Burdock (dietary fiber: 5.7g)

5th place: Moroheiya (dietary fiber: 5.9g)

4th place: Fukinoto (dietary fiber: 6.4g)

3rd place: Shiso (dietary fiber: 7.3g)

2nd place: Green peas (dietary fiber: 7.7g)

1st place: Shallot (dietary fiber: 11.4g)

Best 7 fruits with high fiber content

7th place: Kiwifruit (dietary fiber: 2.5g)

6th place: Blueberries (dietary fiber: 3.3g)

5th place: Kumquat (dietary fiber: 4.6g)

4th place: Raspberry (dietary fiber: 4.7g)

3rd place: Lemon (dietary fiber: 4.9g)

2nd place: Avocado (dietary fiber: 5.3g)

1st place: Karin (dietary fiber: 8.9g)

How to get more effective dietary fiber from vegetables and fruits

A more effective way to get fiber from vegetables and fruits is to take fiber with fermented foods .

Ingesting dietary fiber is a food for the good bacteria of the intestinal bacteria, but when fermented foods are added to it, it becomes even more effective . Since it is

, it is recommended to use vegetables as miso soup or cook vegetables with salted or soy sauce. .

Also, fruits have a synergistic effect when taken with amazake or yogurt.


How was it?

This time, I told you about " Ranking of vegetables and fruits with a lot of dietary fiber ".

Not only dietary fiber but also vegetables and fruits contain vitamins and minerals, so please try to incorporate a wide variety of vegetables and fruits into your daily diet and aim for a healthy life!