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甘酒3種 ギフトBOX(プレーン・黒ごま・しょうが)

甘酒3種 ギフトBOX(プレーン・黒ごま・しょうが)

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《PLAIN | プレーン》

白米を使わない米麹100%製法により、雑味のないクリアな味わいを追求した甘酒です。 自然な甘みとスッキリとした飲み口をお楽しみいただけます。



《GOMA | 黒ごま》

遠赤焙煎でふっくらと煎り上げた黒胡麻を加えた甘酒です。 米麹100%のピュア甘酒との相性を大切に作られた本品の原材料は、米麹と黒胡麻だけ。余計なものは一切使用しておりません。



《GINGER | しょうが》

爽やかな香り広がる高級生姜(高知県産)の搾り汁をブレンドした甘酒です。 米麹100%製法が醸すピュア甘酒のスッキリとした甘みと、ほどよい生姜の辛みとの調和が魅せる、より洗練された飲み口をお楽しみください。


Product features

Features of ORYZAE DRINK
1. The raw materials are only "rice koji" and "water"!
2. Additive-free non-alcoholic amazake♪
3. Traditional Techniques of Tochigi and Nikko
4. A new feeling of drinking that you can drink quickly

3 elements of food that regulates the intestines
During the fermentation process, a lot of ingredients that are good for the body such as vitamins and essential amino acids are produced.

"Dietary fiber"
It feeds the good bacteria that exist in the intestines and increases the number of good bacteria.

It serves as food for Bifidobacterium, which is a typical good bacteria. Skin-beautifying effect of koji Vitamin B group Kojic acid Intestinal environment


Internal capacity
1 piece 550g

raw materials

Rice koji (produced in Japan)

Black sesame:
Rice koji (produced in Japan), black sesame

Rice koji (produced in Japan), ginger (produced in Kochi Prefecture)

Rice malt (produced in Japan), concentrated peach juice, concentrated pineapple juice

nutrition information

ORYZAE DRINK (per 100g)

Energy 58.0kcal
0.6g protein
Fat 0.1g
Carbs 13.7g
Salt equivalent 0.08g

Black sesame:
Energy 55.0kcal
0.8g protein
Fat 0.7g
Carbs 11.4g
Salt equivalent 0.08g

Energy 57.0kcal
0.6g protein
Fat 0.7g
Carbs 13.5g
Salt equivalent 0.09g

food label

Sweet Sake

Raw material name
Plain: Rice malt (made in Japan)
Black sesame: malted rice (produced in Japan), black sesame ginger: malted rice (produced in Japan), ginger fruit: malted rice (produced in Japan), concentrated peach juice, concentrated pineapple juice

Internal capacity

Expiration date <br/>2 months from production

Preservation method Refrigeration required (store below 10°C)

Manufacturer Jinbo Sakae Miku Shoten Co., Ltd. (402 Imaichi, Nikko City, Tochigi Prefecture)

Seller Orize Co., Ltd. (1-16-6 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Futaba Building 3F)

Regarding delivery

The shipping fee for amazake is 480 yen.
It will be delivered by courier.

Please see our Shipping Policy for more information.
《Delivery Policy》

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Amazake made from rice malt | ORYZAE AMAZAKE

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