Why amazake is effective in preventing heat stroke? [Must-see for those who want to enjoy summer]

In the hot summer, you want to go to the sea or river and play outside, but you are worried about heat stroke.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could avoid heat stroke just by drinking delicious amazake?

"But is amazake really effective for heat stroke?"
"When and how should I drink it?"

This time, we will answer these questions in an easy-to-understand and thorough manner. In the latter half of this article, I will write about precautions when drinking amazake as a preventive measure against heat stroke and when purchasing it, so please read it to the end.

What is the relationship between amazake nutrition and heat stroke prevention?

In conclusion, Amazake is a drink suitable for heat stroke prevention.

There is a clear reason here.

"Moisture" "Salt" "Sugar"

Because it contains these nutrients well.

Some people may think, "You shouldn't drink alcohol," but I'll answer that question later.

Unexpectedly, amazake contains the same nutrients as sports drinks.

Of course, it's not exactly the same.

Furthermore, Amazake has some nutrition that can only be found in amazake, so you can expect its power!

After this, I will explain how each nutrient works for heat stroke countermeasures.

The points to remember are as follows.

  1. Hydration is essential for heat stroke prevention
  2. Amazake contains a moderate amount of salt
  3. Sugar helps hydration and becomes an energy source
  4. Amino acids are effective against heat stroke and recovery from fatigue

    Let's look at these four points below.

    Hydration is essential for heat stroke prevention

    The reason for getting heat stroke is " because you can't cool your body well due to lack of water ".

    Of course, amazake has water, so you can rehydrate it.

    Let's explain in more detail.

    Our body is mostly made up of water, but we get 2.5L of water out of our body a day.

    One game of soccer loses about 2000 ml of water, and walking or commuting alone loses about 200 ml of water! !!

    So you have to get a lot of water from food and drink.

    The important thing here is sweat .

    It's really important to sweat.

    When it evaporates, it removes heat from the skin, which can lower the body temperature.

    However, If you continue to sweat from your body, your body will become less moisturized.

    It is said that if the amount of water is reduced by a few percent, the body will not work well, so if you sweat too much, it will be difficult.

    For example, headache, dullness, and nausea are common symptoms of heat stroke, but in the worst case, it is also a fatal illness caused by abnormalities in organs.

    There is also a function to cool the body by circulating blood, but this too can not be done if there is not enough water.

    Therefore, water is the most important .

    By all means, let's drink diligently.

    Amazake contains a moderate amount of salt

    Earlier we talked about moisture.

    This is salt

    When you sweat, salt goes out of your body with water.

    That's why it's important to replenish salt, but in fact, amazake contains just the right amount of salt.

    According to the Ministry of the Environment's "Heat Stroke Environmental Health Manual 2018", drinks with "salt concentration of about 0.1 to 0.2%" are recommended.

    If this concentration is corrected to 100g of the product, the salt content is 0.1-0.2g as it is.

    Next, if you replace it with sodium, it will be about 40-80mg .

    * Calculation formula: Sodium [mg] = Salt [g] ÷ 2.54 × 1000 And amazake contains 60mg of sodium.

    It's in the range of "40-80㎎", isn't it?

    So Amazake is that contains the optimal amount of salt to prevent heat stroke!

    By the way, salt is important because the salt concentration in the body needs to be the same all the time.

    Otherwise, you will lose your balance and your body will not move properly.

    The resulting symptoms are various heat stroke symptoms such as muscle spasms.

    If you are dehydrated and drink only water, your symptoms may even get worse.

    It may be good to remember as knowledge of heat stroke.

    Sugar helps hydration and becomes an energy source

    Amazake has a gentle taste and is delicious, isn't it?

    This is glucose sweetness made from rice starch.

    The role of sugar in preventing heat stroke is to accelerate the absorption of water.

    When sugar is absorbed in the intestines, it pulls water, which is thought to improve efficiency.

    Therefore, thanks to the sugar content, water can be absorbed quickly.

    Moreover, Glucose contained in amazake is said to be , which is easier to absorb than general sugar.

    Don't you think it's a great drink to have sugar that is more suitable for hydration than just mineral water?

    In addition, sugar is important as an energy source.

    This is more necessary for summer heat stroke measures and building physical strength to withstand the heat rather than heat stroke itself.

    Because it is rich in vitamins that help break down sugar, you can expect to get energy supply .

    Drink amazake and move your body outside without suffering from heat stroke!

    Amino acids are effective against heat stroke and recovery from fatigue

    The last nutrient is an amino acid.

    Amino acids are the materials of the proteins that make up our body, including muscles, skin, and all organs.

    A total of 20 types are known, but among them, essential amino acids are attracting attention.

    Nine essential amino acids (valine, isoleucine, leucine, methionine, lysine, phenylalanine, tryptophan, threonine, histidine) cannot be made by the body. Since it is

    , it needs to be taken from food.

    And Amazake contains these essential amino acids in a well-balanced manner .

    There are three typical effects of essential amino acids.

    1. Recovery from fatigue
    2. Reduce muscle strain
    3. Expand blood vessels

      Not only will it heal your body and muscles in the hot sun, but you can also expect to improve blood flow by expanding blood vessels .

      If that happens, will be able to control body temperature smoothly .

      Furthermore, It can be said to be a support for training because it can be used as a material for muscles .

      When and how should I drink amazake?

      So far, I have talked about "why amazake is effective in preventing heat stroke."

      The most important thing was "moisture + salt + sugar" .

      Then, "When and how is it effective to drink?" Next, I will answer such a question.

      The following points should be noted when drinking amazake as a measure against heat stroke.

      1. Choose Koji Amazake
      2. Let's check the amount of salt
      3. Be careful not to take too much sugar
      4. 200ml a day is a guide
      5. When drinking, chill
      6. Recommended to drink between breaks

        I will explain the points to note when purchasing and the points to note when drinking.

        Precautions when purchasing

        First of all, the question raised at the beginning of the article is "Amazake is alcohol, so it may not be good for heat stroke measures" .

        You may be worried, but it's safe to choose properly.

        Koji Amazake does not contain alcohol, so it's okay .

        On the other hand, since lees amazake contains alcohol, it can be said that it is not suitable for heat stroke countermeasures.

        Alcohol increases urine in the first place.

        This is the so-called diuretic effect.

        Then, the water in the body will be lost, and the special hydration will have the opposite effect.

        Therefore, alcoholic beverages are NG for heat stroke countermeasures.

        To prevent heat stroke, choose rice-jiuqu amazake that does not contain alcohol.

        Next, It is a more effective way to buy amazake that contains just the right amount of salt .

        Look at the back of the package when you actually buy it.

        If you look closely, it says "equivalent to salt" or "sodium".

        As a review, it was effective to take measures against heat stroke with a salt content of 0.1 to 0.2 g per 100 g of or about 40 to 80 mg of sodium .

        Points of how to drink

        Amazake is sweet and delicious because it contains sugar, so it is .

        It's not high in calories, so it's okay to drink a glass, but don't drink too much.

        The recommended day is 200ml , which is about a large cup.

        So, drinking very sweet sake is not a very good way to do it.

        Amazake is recommended to drink in the morning or between exercises .

        For example, drinking amazake during a break in the sea bathing can be expected to both restore physical fitness and prevent heat stroke.

        Next is the last point.

        To prevent heat stroke on a hot day, cool and drink.

        If you have the image that you drink it on New Year's Day, you may be surprised by the cold amazake.

        I also had such a prejudice.

        But when I drank it for the first time, I was surprised by the refreshing sweetness, and it made me feel cold but warm.

        Please try chilling the amazake you drink next time!

        Summary Let's enjoy summer to the fullest with amazake

        The deliciousness of amazake has the power to moisturize people.

        There were two main reasons.

        1. Hydration with water + salt + sugar is indispensable
        2. Amazake meets that element

          Amazake, which contains various nutrients in addition to this, is a drink that is filled with the blessings of nature and the feelings of the creator, and is like a gift .

          Let's try drinking it yourself, give it as a gift to your family, and share it with everyone to realize a life that is not dented by the heat! .