7 best "beans" rankings with a lot of dietary fiber

"I want to get healthy by eating dietary fiber."
"I want to know the goodness of each dietary fiber genre."
"How and how much should I eat beans?"

Beans are characterized by containing a good balance of nutrients such as carbohydrates (sugars), proteins, vitamins and minerals.

Among them Most notable is the effect of dietary fiber on beans to improve the intestinal environment. is.

Beans are generally richer in dietary fiber than other foods.

Also, with water-soluble dietary fiber and insoluble dietary fiber, Very high insoluble dietary fiber is.

This time, I would like to tell you about the 7 best "beans" rankings that have a lot of dietary fiber.

afterwards, The most efficient way to get the fiber of beans and the daily intake of beans based on the fiber I also told you about such things, so please read it to the end.

How is it good for you to eat fiber?

First, I will briefly explain how dietary fiber is good for you.

What is dietary fiber? Indigestible ingredients contained in food that cannot be decomposed by human digestive enzymes (indigestible) It is.

Water-soluble dietary fiber is a dietary fiber that is soluble in water, and insoluble dietary fiber is a dietary fiber that is insoluble in water.

There is no good or bad, and both have their own characteristics.

There are three reasons why it is good for you.

  1. It serves as food for good bacteria, prepares the intestinal environment, enhances immunity, and Prevent illness
  2. Water-soluble dietary fiber softens poop, insoluble dietary fiber adsorbs water and waste products, Improve defecation
  3. After a meal Suppressing a rapid rise in blood sugar

"Beans" with a lot of dietary fiber
Ranking best 7

Next, I would like to tell you about the 7 best "beans" rankings that have a lot of dietary fiber.

The content of this dietary fiber is calculated per 100g.

Beans basically contain a lot of dietary fiber, so please use it as a guide.

7th place: Broad beans (dietary fiber: 9.3g)

6th place: Chickpeas (dietary fiber: 16.3g)

5th place: Lentils (dietary fiber: 16.7g)

4th place: Peas (dietary fiber: 17.4g)

3rd place: Azuki (dietary fiber: 17.8g)

Second place: Soybean (dietary fiber: 17.9g)

1st place: Kintoki beans (dietary fiber: 19.3g)

What is the most efficient way to get legume fiber?

The most efficient way to get the dietary fiber contained in legumes Boiled or steamed to eat Is good.

When boiled or steamed The amount of dietary fiber Greater increase than with dried beans, with adzuki beans and chickpeas Increases by 1.5 times ..

In the process of boiling beans, starch changes to resistant starch, which is difficult for the human body to digest.

this Resistant starch acts as dietary fiber and reaches our large intestine Become food for good bacteria in the intestines It is.

To tell you more in detail, Two important things I have.

① If "boil" or "steam" Steam Can get more dietary fiber!

"Steaming" This cooking method uses steam instead of soaking in water, so the nutrients that easily dissolve in water do not flow out compared to "boil". Can retain nutrition ..

The water-soluble dietary fiber contained in soybeans is soluble in water, so if it is boiled, part of it will flow into the boiled juice.

If you want to get soy fiber effectively, try steaming it. ..

② When "boiled", if you use boiled soup for cooking, you will not miss dietary fiber!

When it comes to boiling and steaming, I told you that steaming is good, but I think many people find it difficult to cook steamed dishes.

Such a person There is a way to effectively ingest dietary fiber without missing it even if it is boiled. ..

that is, Using boiled soup for cooking is.

In addition to being rich in water-soluble dietary fiber, boiled juice also contains vitamins and minerals that have escaped with it.

You can also make simmered dishes and soups using boiled juice filled with the sweetness of beans, so please try it.

If you would like to know more about water-soluble dietary fiber, please see below.

What is water-soluble dietary fiber? Explain the function and type, the foods that are abundant and how to take it correctly!

How much legumes should I take in a day?

I will tell you how much beans you should take in a day.

The daily intake standard amount of dietary fiber is 20g or more for adult men , Adult females weigh more than 18g a day It has been with.

If you convert it to beans, Calculation to eat 100g of soybeans a day Will be.

When boiled, it will be about three times as much as it contains water, so 300g is about one day's worth.

300g of beans is difficult at one time, so Combine soybeans, peas, broad beans, etc. with food in 3 meals a day Please try this!

in conclusion

How was that?

This time, I told you about the dietary fiber of beans in the ranking.

Beans are rich in carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals in addition to dietary fiber, so be aware that you should take them in some form with each meal.

Let's aim for a healthy life while adjusting the intestinal environment by adding beans to each meal!