[Conclusion] The effect of amazake after fermentation does not change even if the enzyme is killed.

This time, " departure The effect of amazake after fermentation does not change even if the enzyme is killed" increase.

Amazake here has some contents that apply to both rice jiuqu and lees, but I will mainly talk about amazake.

I am currently running the media to convey accurate information that is scientifically grounded as a representative of Agukuru, which conveys fermentation to the next generation.

When I was a university student, I learned about agricultural structure and fermented foods at the Faculty of Agriculture.

Among them, I realized the wonderfulness of fermented foods and founded Agukuru while I was in college.

I have noticed during my activities.

It is not correct information about foods such as rice and vegetables, agriculture and fermented foods that help maintain our health, but only the fact that the logic preceded by the image is told and words. It is that the information that is being told is widespread without considering the reaction in the body by running ahead.

Although the "enzyme" that we are talking about this time also plays an important role in making our bodies and fermented foods, we are very sorry that the wrong information is being conveyed.

I will tell you about the correct "Amazake enzyme", so please have a look until the end.

① [Conclusion] The effect of amazake after fermentation does not change even if the enzyme is killed.

Introduction In conclusion, Amazake after fermentation does not change its effect even if the enzyme is killed.

Because the enzyme is a protein, not a living thing, the effect of the enzyme is not that it is meaningful to ingest the enzyme itself, but that it has a nutrient effect centered on vitamins and minerals produced by the enzyme.

When you hear what is called "raw amazake" or "amazake with live enzymes", it seems to be healthier, but that is just an image.

In order to understand, I will tell you "what is an enzyme" in an easy-to-understand manner.

What is an enzyme?

Enzymes are special proteins that can react only with certain substances.

Enzymes are not living things, so even if they are taken into the body, they will be absorbed as proteins.

Therefore, the effect of ingesting the enzyme in the body is not a special nutrient but a nutrition as a protein.

The mechanism of enzymes is explained by Takeo Koizumi, a fermentation scholar, in the article " What is an enzyme? " by haccola. I am.

"Some people say," It's good for your body to take a living enzyme, "but this is not correct. As I mentioned earlier, enzymes are not living things. It is a protein. Even if you say, "Eat raw vegetables and take in live enzymes," enzymes are proteins, so they are broken down into amino acids in saliva and gastric juice. Of course, since it is an amino acid, it can be a source of vitality. ”

However, false information about enzymes is constantly coming up, and it is thought that " enzyme nutrition " is the basis of much information.

What is "enzyme nutrition" with little evidence?

Enzyme nutrition is a theory proposed by Edward Howell that considers enzymes to be important nutrition.

Enzyme deficiency does not occur, but Enzyme nutrition is deficient in enzymes, so I think that it is necessary to supplement from food .

The following can be said to briefly summarize the concept of enzyme nutrition.

  1. There is a latent enzyme in the enzyme, and only a predetermined amount is present
  2. Insufficient latent enzymes can cause illness, so it is necessary to supplement them through food enzymes such as raw vegetables and fermented foods contained in foods
  3. Enzymes are not only catalysts that facilitate chemical reactions, but also proteins with the energy of life elements .

    Although we explain enzymes in an easy-to-understand manner using technical terms, latent enzymes are an original idea of ​​enzyme nutrition and have not been found in general biochemistry or nutrition.

    Also, enzymes are produced by amino acids in the body when needed, so there is no shortage.

    Therefore, it is not necessary to supplement with food for the purpose of enzymes.

    In other words, enzymes are catalysts for promoting reactions, and the nutrients produced by the intervention of enzymes when making amazake make sense for our health.

    Also, the enzyme itself is emphasized only in enzyme nutrition, and its logic does not match modern science, so it is hard to say that it is correct.

    It may be correct if we assume that modern science itself is wrong, but it is not realistic.

    ② Enzymes are important for making amazake! What is the temperature at which heat-sensitive enzymes die (deactivate)?

    I have explained about enzymes.

    There is no point in incorporating live enzymes into the body, but enzymes play an important role in making amazake.

    When making homemade amazake, I think that rice and water are added to rice jiuqu and fermented using a yogurt maker or rice cooker.

    At this time, Amazake, which was not sweet at first, becomes sweeter with temperature and time because of the action of enzymes .

    It is an enzyme that is indispensable for making amazake, but it has a major feature that it is sensitive to heat.

    Enzymes mainly deactivate and become inactive when they exceed 70 degrees . Since it is

    , when you keep the temperature such as making amazake, be careful not to exceed 70 degrees .

    ③ What kind of enzyme is contained in amazake?

    It is said that there are more than 100 types of enzymes contained in amazake, but the exact number is unknown because there are data on 30 types and 300 types.

    With the ability to perform metabolome analysis that can comprehensively analyze metabolites, I think that the analysis of enzymes contained in amazake will be advanced.

    Currently, there are three types of enzymes that are definitely known and are active in making rice into jiuqu and amazake.

    1. Amylase: Enzyme that converts starch into sugar
    2. Protease: An enzyme that converts proteins into amino acids
    3. Lipase: Enzyme that converts fat into fatty acids and glycerin

      If you tell us what these three types of enzymes are doing in an easy-to-understand manner, they are decomposed in advance so that the body can absorb and metabolize more easily than .

      ④ The correct effect of the amazake enzyme is that it produces a wide variety of nutrients

      The correct effect of amazake enzymes is producing a wide variety of nutrients .

      When making amazake, rice jiuqu is usually used, but when making amazake, aspergillus produces many types of enzymes.

      Thanks to this produced enzyme, nutrients such as vitamins and amino acids that were not originally found in rice are produced.

      In other words, The reason why rice is sweet and delicious is because the enzyme works well.

      ⑤ [Conclusion] If it is not used for business, it can be said that enzymes are used.

      How was it?

      This time, I have told you that " Amazake after fermentation does not change its effect even if the enzyme is killed" .

      Enzymes are proteins, not living things, and The effects of enzymes do not mean that they are directly ingested, but the nutrient effects centered on the vitamins and minerals produced by the enzymes. Remember that there is .

      Last but not least, I think enzymes can be called if they are not used for business.

      Today, I want you to have the correct knowledge to tell as many people as possible about the "correct story of the enzyme of amazake", but on the other hand, if there is an "enzyme conflict", what is said? I think it's okay to wait for the world to change little by little without asking for sudden changes.

      In fact, you can also look at enzymes from the following three perspectives.

      1. Enzymes are proteins, so even if you take them in large amounts, they will not harm your health.
      2. There are vegetables and fermented foods around the word enzyme, and ingesting these is not an enzyme, but it leads to health maintenance
      3. By taking an interest in health from the perspective of enzymes, the placebo effect may make you really healthy

        * The placebo effect is a phenomenon in which symptoms are relieved or relieved despite the administration of ingredients that are not really drugs.

        In other words, although it is not a living thing, there is no problem even if you ingest a large amount of enzyme whether it is alive or dead, but rather it will be healthy if you think that you will have more opportunities to ingest vegetables and fermented foods. I will be connected.

        But The only thing we shouldn't forgive is that companies can use the phrase "living enzyme" to sell our products with unprecedented benefits t2> .

        It seems that these tend to be distorted by enzyme supplements and enzyme drinks.

        I would like to continue to convey the correct information to the world because I want to convey that the nutrients produced by enzymes in the process of making amazake lead to good health. .