6 recommended fermented foods that you can easily take every day! Explains how to eat correctly

"I want to live a fermented life, but I don't know what to start with."
"Is there an easy way to eat fermented foods?"
"I want to start a fermented life from now on!"

Fermented food that has been attracting attention in recent years while being a traditional Japanese food culture.

This time, I would like to introduce 6 recommended that you can easily take every day among such fermented foods.

We will make it easy to have a fermented food life from tomorrow, so please take a look to the end!

Why is it good to eat fermented foods?

Before introducing recommended fermented foods, let's first explain why it is better to take fermented foods.

The goodness of eating fermented foods is that they help digestion and absorption and have well-balanced nutrients, but the most important point is to improve the intestinal environment !

Over 100 trillion bacteria live in our intestines and are active in our intestines to maintain our health.

When you are healthy, the intestinal environment is balanced.

However, If you lose your balance due to a disordered diet, lack of sleep, stress, etc., your immunity will be weakened and you will be more likely to catch a cold, or you will continue to have problems such as rough skin and constipation .

In such a case, by eating fermented foods, the activity of good bacteria that work well for the body among the intestinal bacteria becomes active, and the balance of the intestinal environment is the basis. Will return.

By restoring the balance of the intestinal environment, you can be healthy.

6 recommended fermented foods that you can easily take every day

Then, I would like to introduce recommended fermented foods that you can easily take every day.

There are three criteria for "easy to take every day"!

  1. You can buy it at the supermarket
  2. You can eat it as it is if you open it without cooking
  3. Delicious! !!

    I think the third " delicious" is a very important standard .

    No matter how healthy you are, if it doesn't taste good, it won't last forever.

    It may become popular in commercials and booms temporarily, but it seems that people get tired of things that are not delicious, both now and in the past.

    Therefore, I would like to introduce deliciousness as an important standard.

    Delicious and easy-to-drink drip "Amazake"

    The first thing I would like to introduce is amazake.

    There are always several types of amazake no matter where you go to the supermarket, and if it's a can, you can drink it immediately after opening it.

    Drinking drip is said to be rich in glucose, which is said to be the only energy of the brain.

    Amazake contains not only glucose but also vitamin B1 necessary to convert glucose into energy, so it is ideal for energy charging .

    In addition, it contains well-balanced nutrients such as essential amino acids and B vitamins that our body needs.

    Amazake has nutrients as a health effect, but Amazake also contains oligosaccharides and dietary fiber, so improving the intestinal environment improves immunity and improves stool output. It is useful such as.

    There are two types of amazake, amazake made from rice jiuqu and amazake made from lees.

    Most of the amazake that has been distributed at shrines and other places during the New Year has been the amazake of sake lees, and the recent amazake boom is the amazake of rice jiuqu.

    Most of the sweet sake of rice jiuqu is non-alcoholic and does not use sugar, so even children and pregnant women can drink it.

    There are two types of amazake! What is the difference between rice koji amazake and sake lees amazake?

    A story from Agukuru that you should know

    Please note that amazake is often said to be rich in nutrients, but this is not always the case.
    Compared to other vegetables and fruits, eggs contain more essential amino acids than amazake.
    However, eggs and amazake are different foods .
    I think I get tired of eating boiled eggs every morning just because the eggs are nutritious, so I have a diet that includes amazake with a good nutritional balance in the lineup. I think that is rich. .

    Regardless of the ingredients, eggs are delicious, but amazake is also delicious, so it's important to drink it.

    "Kimchi" that you can eat vegetables and lactic acid bacteria

    Next is kimchi, a fermented food that originated in South Korea.

    Kimchi is also a delicious fermented food that you can buy at supermarkets, and if you put it on rice, the rice will go on.

    The good thing about kimchi is that it can improve the intestinal environment .

    There are two reasons for adjusting the intestinal environment: dietary fiber of vegetables and lactic acid bacteria that are produced when vegetables are fermented.

    But there is one thing to be aware of.

    Commercially available kimchi such as supermarkets include kimchi that has been fermented with lactic acid and kimchi that has not been fermented with lactic acid .

    Unfermented kimchi cannot be expected to have an intestinal regulating effect by lactic acid bacteria.

    The delicious kimchi that is sold on the market and fermented with lactic acid is Gyu-Kaku kimchi, so if you get lost, we recommend Gyu-Kaku kimchi.

    If you want to know how to distinguish fermented kimchi from non-fermented kimchi, please read this as well.

    Is the kimchi real? What is the difference between fermented kimchi and non-fermented kimchi? How to choose is also explained

    If you don't like the spiciness of kimchi, try sprinkling with sesame oil!
    Kimchi is good for adjusting the intestinal environment by lactic acid fermentation in addition to the dietary fiber of vegetables, but some people say that it is too spicy to eat because it uses chili peppers. .
    It is recommended to sprinkle sesame oil on kimchi. .
    By sprinkling sesame oil, the spiciness of kimchi will be mild and it will be easier to eat.

    Soybeans and natto bacteria are a powerful combination "natto"
    Natto is a fermented food made by fermenting soybeans with natto bacteria.
    Natto can be bought at any supermarket in Japan, and now it has become a fermented food that is so popular that it can be obtained at overseas supermarkets.
    It's easy and popular because you can eat natto alone or put it on top of rice.
    Natto contains dietary fiber in addition to soybean oligosaccharides derived from soybeans, so it prepares the intestinal environment
    Bacillus natto increases vitamins (especially vitamin B2 and vitamin K) in the process of turning soybeans into natto.
    In addition, Bacillus natto breaks down soybean protein, so it will help digestion and absorption when it enters the body.
    I like and dislike the taste, but if you like it, it is one of the fermented foods that you definitely want to eat every day.

    "Yogurt" whose intestinal regulation effect has been known for over 100 years
    Yogurt is a fermented food containing lactic acid bacteria that is eaten as a health food in the world.
    It is sold in supermarkets on the market, and it can be easily eaten from large packs to the size of a single meal.
    Lactic acid bacteria contained in yogurt serve as food for good bacteria in the intestine, so the intestinal environment is adjusted.
    The health benefits of yogurt were discovered by Metchnikoff over 100 years ago.
    With a history of more than 100 years, research on health is the most advanced among fermented foods.
    At one point, the lactic acid bacteria contained in yogurt were killed by gastric acid and could not reach the large intestine, so some people said that drinking lactic acid bacteria was ineffective, but now dead lactic acid bacteria are also good bacteria in the intestines. It is known to be the food for.

    Miso, the most familiar and strongest fermented food for Japanese people
    Miso is the 5th appearance, but it is the king of fermented foods .
    Although it is also sold at commercial supermarkets, it is rarely eaten as it is and is often cooked as miso soup, so I introduced it fifth.
    In addition to the standard rice miso, there are other types such as bean miso, which is eaten mainly in Aichi prefecture, and wheat miso, which is eaten mainly in Kyushu.
    Miso has many great effects, but the first is that lactic acid bacteria, oligosaccharides, dietary fiber, etc. contained in miso improve the intestinal environment . There will be.
    We call it the king of fermented foods because all kinds of microorganisms lactic acid bacteria, molds, and yeasts , which are the microorganisms necessary for making fermented foods, are involved in fermentation.
    The large number of microorganisms involved produces a wider variety of enzymes and produces more nutrients.
    Miso is said to have the effects of suppressing cancer, preventing lifestyle-related diseases, and removing radioactivity.
    Although the taste is peculiar, Hatcho Miso, which is a bean miso with a long aging period, is known to be richer in nutrients than other miso.
    I think that there is more miso soup than the miso as it is, but When using miso as miso soup, add mushrooms and vegetables together to eat mushrooms and vegetables. It is also recommended for improving the intestinal environment because it can efficiently ingest fiber
    When buying miso on the market, it is recommended to buy unheated miso.
    Unheated ones are richer in nutrients because the bacteria are alive and continue to produce nutrients while fermenting.
    It is important to say that the bacteria are alive, not the living bacteria, but the nutrition produced by the bacteria.
    The key to distinguishing between heated and unheated is to choose one that says unheated or one that has air holes.

    Lactic acid bacteria fermented food "Nukazuke" that Japanese people have been eating for a long time
    Nukazuke is a fermented food that contains a lot of lactic acid bacteria that have been rooted in Japan for a long time.
    Although it is also sold at commercial supermarkets, I decided to introduce it at the end because it does not have a wide variety of foods compared to other fermented foods and the taste changes greatly depending on how it is pickled.
    Therefore, my recommendation is to make the bran floor yourself or buy a set and put it on yourself .
    The good thing about pickled bran is that you can eat anything from root vegetables such as radish and stock to summer vegetables such as cucumber and eggplant, Chinese cabbage and taro.
    The hurdles may be a little high, but if you have time, you can try it because you can adjust it to your favorite taste and enjoy growing an environment full of bacteria called Nukazuke. ..
    The health benefits of pickled bran are the same as kimchi and yogurt, which are the effects of lactic acid bacteria to improve the intestinal environment.
    Even if it's not every day, I think it's a good idea to add Nukazuke to the lineup such as breakfast as one of the rotations such as amazake, kimchi, and natto.

    The important thing is the combination! Correct way to eat fermented foods that can be easily consumed every day
    Finally, I would like to tell you the correct way to eat fermented foods that you can easily take every day.
    There are two important things.
    1. Continue to eat fermented foods every day
    2. Eating a combination of various fermented foods

      It is important to eat fermented foods continuously every day.

      I told you why it is good to eat fermented foods to improve the intestinal environment , but it is easy for intestinal bacteria to completely settle in the intestines. It's not a thing.

      In many cases, the growth rate in the intestine is faster than the excretion rate, so it is an apparent colonization .
      In order to completely settle in the intestine, It is effective to ingest lactic acid bacteria, oligosaccharides, and dietary fiber contained in fermented foods every day and gradually change the intestine. .
      In order to continue to consume fermented foods, deliciousness and never getting tired are essential
      For that purpose, the secret to good health is not just yogurt every day, but various combinations of fermented foods such as amazake, kimchi, natto, and miso soup in the morning, day, and night.

      How was it?
      This time, we introduced amazake, kimchi, natto, yogurt, miso, and nukazuke as 6 recommended items that you can easily take every day .
      I think it is a delicious fermented food that is easy to purchase and incorporate.
      Please try to incorporate fermented foods into your daily diet and aim for a healthy life and fermented life!