1% of ORYZAE for future society


ORYZAE's 1% of the purchase price will be donated to social issues that cannot be solved by our sustainable efforts alone.


Do you know the word "egocentric altruism"?

Egocentric altruism is the idea that the happiness of the people around you and society as a whole exists at the end of the path you choose for your own happiness .

I think that it is a cycle that makes oneself happy and at the same time makes society happy, rather than making a social contribution at the expense of oneself.

In developing ORYZAE, we wanted to always include "selfish altruism" in our product philosophy, so we decided to start this initiative.

I am very happy that you can achieve beauty from within your body by using ORYZAE.

At the same time, it would be great for everyone if we could solve the agricultural and natural environment that supports us, as well as the social issues that surround the world.


We will make donations to a sustainable society, focusing on areas that cannot be achieved by ORYZAE alone.

* We will update the list of donations and the timing of open recruitment from time to time.

Donation criteria
  1. Contributing to society through our main business toward the realization of SDGs
  2. Working to solve social issues from a broad perspective
  3. I feel that the future I want to realize with ORYZAE FUND will accelerate