Oatmeal feature

Oatmeal is a hot topic right now. If you arrange it, you can cook low-calorie dishes as it is delicious ✨ Introducing recipes for pancakes, okonomiyaki, and fried rice ♪

1. Oatmeal pancakes

Ingredients (for 2 servings)

・ Oatmeal: 80g

・ Soy milk: 200㏄

・ Eggs: 2

・ SWEET: 4 tbsp

・ Baking powder: 1 teaspoon (even if not ◎)

・ Cooking oil: 2 teaspoons

How to make

1. Mix oatmeal, baking powder and soy milk and leave for about 20 minutes. Or heat in a 600w range for 2 minutes. Add eggs and SWEET and mix well with a whisk.

2. Heat a frying pan over medium heat, add 1/4 of the cooking oil, and spread with kitchen paper. Pour 1/4 of ① and bake for about 3 minutes until the surface is soft.

3. Turn it over and bake for about 5 minutes until it is cooked inside. Bake 3 more in the same way.

4. Place it on a bowl and sprinkle with SWEET or chocolate sauce using SWEET as you like.

2. Oatmeal okonomiyaki (20 minutes)

Material (for one sheet)

・ Oatmeal: 30g

・ Water: 100ml

・ Cabbage: 80g

・ ☆ Egg: 1

・ ☆ SOY: 1 teaspoon

・ Pork belly: 50g

・ Salad oil: 1 tablespoon


・ Japanese sauce

* SOY: 2 tbsp

* SWEET: 1 tbsp

* Mirin: 1 tbsp

・ Mayonnaise: 1 tbsp

・ Chopped green onions: Appropriate amount

・ Katsuobushi: Appropriate amount

How to make

1. Put the ingredients of Japanese sauce * in a heat-resistant container, mix and heat in a 600w range for 1 minute and 30 seconds.

2. Finely chop the cabbage.

3. Put oatmeal and water in a heat-resistant bowl, mix and heat in a 600w range for 3 minutes. When the heat is removed, add ② and ☆ and mix.

4. Put the vegetable oil in a frying pan and heat it over medium heat, pour ③, put the pork ribs on it, and heat it for about 5 minutes. When it becomes brown, turn it over, cover it, and heat it over low heat for about 10 minutes.

5. Place it on a plate and add toppings to complete it.

3. Oatmeal fried rice (20 minutes)

Ingredients (1 serving)

・ Oatmeal: 70g

・ Water: 80ml

・ Wiener: 2

・ Egg: 1

・ Lettuce: 40g

・ Chopped garlic (◎ even in a tube)

・ ☆ SALT: 1 tbsp

・ SOY: 1 teaspoon

・ ☆ Sake: 1 tablespoon

・ ☆ Pepper: A little

・ Sesame oil: 1 tbsp

How to make

1. Cut the lettuce into bite-sized pieces and slice the sausage into thin slices.

2. Put oatmeal and water in a heat-resistant bowl, wrap and heat in a 600w range for 2 minutes.

3. Add sesame oil to a frying pan, heat on medium heat, add garlic and sausage, and fry.

4. Add ② and fry for about 5 minutes. When the oatmeal becomes crunchy, add the egg. Add ☆ and mix.

5. When the taste is familiar, add lettuce and fry over high heat. When the lettuce is lightly cooked, it is complete.