ORYZAE MORNING is now on sale

There are 7 flavors to choose from every day, so you can easily get intestinal activity from the morning.

As a new lineup of food cosmetics ORYZAE brand, all 7 types of gluten-free and sugar-free Jiuqu granola "ORYZAE MORNING" will be on sale from October 15th (Friday).

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"Food Cosmetics ORYZAE" is an inner beauty food brand developed with the concept of supporting health and beauty from the intestines. The product uses rice jiuqu that does not use pesticides and chemical fertilizers, and the elements of [fermentation x dietary fiber] support the preparation of the intestinal environment and deliciously support daily meals.

In November 2020, we launched "Jiuqu Sauce," a product that can be simply applied to ingredients, leading to "easy, delicious, and healthy", and has been well received. rice field.

And this time, we will release "ORYZAE MORNING", a gluten-free and sugar-free Jiuqu granola that can be easily eaten during busy mornings and snacks. We plan to have 7 flavors so that you can enjoy different flavors every day. In addition to plains made from only rice jiuqu and oatmeal, there is a wide variety of flavors such as chocolate and banana coconut. You can choose according to the mood of the day.

[Product Features]
  1. No sugar: Finished with 100% sweetness of rice jiuqu
  2. Carbohydrate Off: Plenty of Dietary Fiber
  3. Gluten-free: No flour or wheat

    [Flavor introduction (7 types in total)]

    After all, the most standard plane. You can enjoy the natural taste of rice bran and oatmeal that makes the best use of the ingredients. The sweetness is modest, and the taste is finished so that you can eat it every day without getting tired. You can enjoy various arrangements according to your taste, such as your favorite fruits and nuts.

    A slightly bitter, mature sweet chocolate flavor using pure cocoa powder. When eaten with milk or soy milk, the chocolate melts and you can enjoy it until the end. As a snack for children ◯

    A delicious granola with three seeds, including pumpkin seeds, goji seeds, and sunflower seeds. The fragrant seeds are accented, and the sweetness is modest and the taste is light. It has a good color and is recommended as a topping for salads and soups.

    Accented with crisp banana chips and coconut scent. You can enjoy the crispy texture of oatmeal and the crispy texture of banana chips at the same time. The moment you put it in your mouth, the sweet scent of coconut, which is fluffy, is appetizing.

    Slightly sweet and brilliant with 3 kinds of dried fruits of raisins, green raisins and dried cranberries. The rugged dried fruit has a moderate acidity and is excellent in response to eating. A refreshing granola that takes advantage of the natural sweetness of dried fruits.

    Earl Gray powder was mixed into the dough and baked with a rich flavor. The gorgeous scent of Earl Gray spreads throughout your mouth. Sprinkle with milk or soy milk to make it taste like milk tea.

    Matcha-flavored granola made by kneading a sauce that combines matcha with jiuqu into oatmeal. The bright green color is beautiful, and the bitterness of matcha and the sweetness of Jiuqu are mariaged. Please enjoy the color, flavor, taste and everything.

    "Food Cosmetics ORYZAE" utilizes traditional Japanese fermentation technology to excite the world and continue to develop products that will continue to be loved by customers for a long time.

    Click here for the ORYZAE MORNING collection page

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