[About simple packaging] Simply wrap

Hello, this is ORYZAE JOURNAL.

At ORYZAE, in order to connect the beautiful earth to the future, we are working on simple packaging called "box only" with the motto "simple wrapping" at the time of delivery.

Our goal is to bring to the world the common sense that simple packaging is the norm.

If you want to deliver the items you have selected more carefully, in many cases you may pack them in multiple layers.

However, we will increase the number of people who think that "simple packaging is better", and we would like to aim for a sustainable society with all the people involved.

Regarding boxes, we are currently using cardboard materials, but as our business expands, we will be able to change to environmentally friendly materials such as "FSC certified materials" and "non-wood paper." I will make an effort.

Thank you for visiting ORYZAE!

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