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What is the secret of ORYZAE's name?

Hello, this is ORYZAE JOURNAL.

ORYZAE is a Koji sauce made with our hope, " Jiuqu sauce made with the idea of ​​"make me beautiful and make the world beautiful."

ORYZAE JOURNAL delivers ORYZAE's thoughts, news, and how to use it.

This time, is about the secret of the name of ORYZAE.

The origin of ORYZAE is "Jiuqu"

Some people may look at ORYZAE and wonder, "How do you read this?"

ORYZAE is read as "Orize".

There is a raw material, Jiuqu, in the background of reading "Orize" in this spelling.

Jiuqu is made by fermenting rice with a fungus called Jiuqu.

The official name of the aspergillus oryzae is Aspergillus oryzae ( Aspergillus oryzae ), and it is said that oryzae is a fungus found in rice.

Compared to unfermented rice, Jiuqu has more nutrients and functional ingredients, and this phenomenon is just like alchemy.

We named it ORYZAE with gratitude for the splendor of Jiuqu.

Bringing Japanese Jiuqu culture to the world

Aspergillus oryzae is actually very familiar.

Miso, soy sauce, sake, vinegar, and mirin that we use every day are all made with the benefit of Aspergillus oryzae.

Aspergillus oryzae is also designated as a national bacterium of Japan, that is, it is a bacterium peculiar to Japan.

The Jiuqu produced by Oryzae has been found to be effective against skin, allergies, and lifestyle-related diseases, and I thought it could be a supporter of daily health in the future.

That's why I think that ORYZAE will reach more people and eventually spread to the world, which will convey the splendor of Japanese Jiuqu culture.

We will deliver ORYZAE so that as many people as possible can get "health and beauty" from their daily lives by eating Jiuqu.

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