[December only] Christmas flavors are now available!

[About "CHRISTMAS", a granola with pistachios and goji berries]

"CHRISTMAS" is a December-only flavor that uses plenty of pistachio and goji. I imagined Christmas with the green of pistachio and the red of goji.

We used two types of pistachios that are rich in flavor and color. One type uses pistachio as it is and is conscious of eating response. Also, by using a fine pistachio dice as another type, the pistachio is finished so that it spreads throughout even after it is put in the mouth.

At ORYZAE MORNING, we are developing products that are conscious of the intestines inside the body. No sugar, preservatives, or food additives are used in the manufacturing process of the product, and the sweetness of all products, the sweetness of the rice koji, and the sweetness and umami of the ingredients are brought out.

The fragrant pistachio scent is perfect not only for breakfast but also for snacks.

[Product Overview]

Raw materials: Oatmeal, rice jiuqu, rice oil, pistachio hole, pistachio dice. Pumpkin seeds, goji seeds, traditional sea salt
Price: 1080 yen (tax included)
Contents: 200g
Sales destination: ORYZAE online site ( https://oryzae.shop/ products / christus )
Order start date: December 1, 2021

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