The second October issue "The long-awaited today!"

Hello everyone. This is Yokosuka from

Food Cosmetics ORYZAE !

Before I knew it, summer had passed and it was getting chilly.

ORYZAE MORNING officially released

By the way, ORYZAE MORNING has finally been officially released today!

I feel like a parent sending out a child.

When I think about it, this ORYZAE MORNING was the first job I was involved in after joining Agukuru.

The inside story of ORYZAE

A memorable day, on this day, the inside story of ORYZAE MORNING !

The full-scale release is today, but we have been offering ORYZAE MORNING as a test sale.

I think some people have already eaten it!

ORYZAE MORNING There were many things before the release ...

The first memory is that I made 24-hour granola ! !!

At the time when there was no factory, we were making all the products by hand.

At the beginning, you can only make 4 ~ 5 in 1 hours, every week

"No way ... it's out of stock again ..." It was in the


It really feels like a bicycle operation (but I'm really grateful ...)

Some customers have kept us waiting.

I'm sorry.

Thank you for your warm support!

Full day granola manufacturing

Finally, I couldn't keep up with the daytime production, so I finally decided to manufacture granola for a whole day.

The representative and several staff members made a shift and continued to manufacture for 24 hours.

Mix, bake, stuff, mix again ... The last one was a craftsman who could make it unconsciously (laughs)

"This will surely be a legend that will be told later"
"I have a story to talk about in Jonetsu Tairiku"

It's a very, very good memory to make it together while talking about it.

It was a little youth.

I think that happened on the day of the release.

At the end

ORYZAE MORNING filled with our memories.

I would like to have such a product that warms my heart when I eat it.

Thank you for your continued support!