It is food cosmetics ORYZAE.

Whether you bought an ORYZAE product or you don't know it yet, I hope you're interested in ORYZAE.

"What kind of company is it?"
"What kind of history does food cosmetics have?"

Is there anyone who is interested in it?

Today, I would like to share with you the path that food cosmetics ORYZAE has taken, and what I want to do now.

"I want to rampage and give light to the rice industry."

In the first place, food cosmetics ORYZAE started as another brand after originally creating a company named Agukuru.

Going back in time, when the representative was a college student, he learned about the difficulties of managing the rice industry.

There are many staple foods other than rice, such as bread and noodles, in Japan, and the amount is increasing steadily.

Therefore, rice consumption is declining.

In addition, it is difficult to manage rice farming due to problems such as the import of cheap rice from overseas and the shortage of producers.

I have witnessed such a situation.

"Is there any way to deliver such delicious rice to everyone?"

The representative who thought that way met was fermentation, which is a traditional Japanese food culture.

If there is a way to use the power of fermentation and the power of Jiuqu to ingest rice in other ways instead of eating it as rice, more people will know about the wonderfulness of rice and agriculture. I thought it might be.

And that

"Let's do it ourselves. I'll go wild."

With that in mind, Agukuru Co., Ltd. was born.

"A dining table where your happiness makes your family happy and the people around you"

Then, as the company was formed and struggled, the first product, Jiuqu Sauce, was born.

Doesn't it seem that happiness is transmitted when someone other than yourself is happy in the family?

For children, when parents are having fun, it will be an irreplaceable and happy time.

I want more time like that.

I wish there was something that was easier than ever, but good for the body, in difficult household chores, especially daily cooking.

I wish I could create a place where the dining table would be warm even on a slightly tired day.

I put that thought into the Jiuqu sauce.

I wanted to make something that could easily support the health of the family from the inside of the body by just putting it on and adding a little to the food.

The Jiuqu sauce was completed with the desire to support rice farmers by using rice Jiuqu and providing it to the world in a different form from rice, and to provide a warm place to the family with this Jiuqu sauce.

"Birth of food cosmetics ORYZAE"

We have continued to improve from the first Jiuqu sauce, and now it is a SOY / SALT / SWEET Jiuqu sauce that may be in your hands.

I want to deliver this Jiuqu sauce to the children who will lead the next generation, and for that purpose, I want the mothers who make the family dining table to know more.

It's easy to use and enjoyable to eat so that your body is clean.

Fashionable and cute products that will appeal to you from the outside.

With this in mind, we have developed a new brand called ORYZAE, a food cosmetics that is a little different from Agukuru, with the concept of "delivering beauty from the inside by eating."

"Thoughts about the steep road and the relationships with the people I gained there"

However, after making the product, it was not so easy to sell, the business condition was severe, and the situation continued to be unsuccessful.

There was a time when I managed to do my best by borrowing money from my seniors.

Meanwhile, there was an event that made me realize that I was not fully grateful to the people who took care of me.

One day, a person who helped me asked me, "Are you grateful to those around you?"

As I was desperately continuing the company, I didn't mean to thank myself.

I didn't realize that I was supposed to be that way.

This was the moment when I realized that in society it is not enough to just think for yourself, and that you have to act in the same way from the other person.

From this experience, the way the company interacts with customers has changed dramatically.

We respond quickly to customer requests, take an active role in ourselves, and sometimes meet people who really like our products and support us.

"We want to be a company that can cherish long-lasting relationships with products and people who have met us."

This feeling has really become stronger.

Gratitude and affection cannot be overstated.

You can reply as soon as possible, even if the distance is far, you can shorten the distance by going out from here, and there you can convey your thoughts until it is conveyed to the other party.

We want to be a company that can convey the utmost gratitude that we can do.

"Meeting new friends"

After that, I met a lot of people who helped me, and I made new friends in food cosmetics ORYZAE.

until now,

"I want to do this to get more involved with our customers"

It is an encounter with friends who will carry out the method that the representative envisioned to make it possible to walk with the customer.

It is an encounter with friends who will fulfill their desire to improve even more.

By doing so, I think we were able to move forward by increasing the opportunities for people to know about us in terms of SNS connections and direct connections.

I hope to continue to have long-term relationships with the people who picked up the product and the people who sympathize with our thoughts and help us in the long process leading up to that point.

"I want to send out Jiuqu products that suit the lifestyles of all men and women of all ages."

Food cosmetics ORYZAE that grew little by little in this way.

Currently, we would like to develop Jiuqu products that reach all generations.

Originally, this brand started with the idea of "delivering a wonderful product called Jiuqu to mothers who have a hard time doing household chores, and to babies who are still in the developmental stage of making the next generation."

From there, more and more while meeting many people, such as those who support us, customers who have been involved since the beginning, friends who are working hard together, you who met through products, etc. I wanted to deliver Jiuqu and food cosmetics ORYZAE to people.

I want to make products that can be delivered to all generations, including grandpas and grandmas, busy people, families and pets, and will surely be addicted to them.

To that end, we will continue to work in various fields. Products that convey the splendor of Jiuqu I will develop it.

Someday, in a place you never thought of, you might come across a scene where you think, "This is Jiuqu!"

And there, please come to know about Jiuqu, fermented foods, and us.

You create a world where everyone around you becomes "healthy" by enjoying "eating".

By eating it, we will create a world that is kind to the earth and makes you smile.

I would like to thank all the people I met and the people I will meet in the future.

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