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ORYZAE Granola is amazing here!


ORYZAE MORNING is a granola that makes you happy with the body baked with 100% sweetness of rice jiuqu .

The destination I continued to stick to was
"the simplest granola" .

Only "oatmeal", "rice jiuqu", "rice oil" and "traditional sea salt" are used as raw materials.

Don't put in extra things. But I want you to eat it deliciously.
To that end, we used "sweetness of rice jiuqu" instead of sugar. In the morning, of course, you can eat it as it is as a snack without feeling guilty.

ORYZAE MORNING is amazing here!

1. The place where sugar is off is amazing!

Low in sugar and rich in dietary fiber, the amount is about 18 times that of white rice ! about 3.5 times of brown rice!

There are three reasons why dietary fiber is said to be good for your health.

One is to feed good bacteria, and by adjusting the intestinal environment, immune cells work normally and immunity improves .

The two soften the stool and adsorb water and waste products to improve defecation.

3 suppresses the rapid rise of blood glucose level after meals.

Granola is low in sugar and contains dietary fiber that is so good for the body. It's the best.

2. It's sugar-free and amazing!

The natural sweetness of 100% rice jiuqu makes it safe for children to eat.
We use one of our products, Jiuqu sauce (SWEET) .

Since it is made by fermenting rice made without pesticides, there are no additives.
It is characterized by a slight sweetness.

3. Gluten-free and amazing! We use rice flour instead of

wheat flour. Not only those who have wheat allergies but also those who are concerned about gluten intake can enjoy it with confidence.

Rice flour has a lower oil adsorption rate than wheat flour and is healthy.

In addition, since the nutrients contained in rice are contained in rice flour, vitamin B1 and protein can also be obtained. It's good to be nutritious!

The reason why granola is good for Jiuqu

① Jiuqu x oatmeal is the strongest intestinal activity!

W (double) approach to the intestines with the fermenting power of Jiuqu and the dietary fiber of oatmeal!

Fermented foods, Jiuqu have roles to increase the number and types of good bacteria in the intestines .
And dietary fiber has a role to activate the activity of good bacteria.

In order to improve the intestinal environment, it is important to have a good balance between fermented foods (jiuqu) and dietary fiber.

② Jiuqu is an "eating serum" that brings out beauty

Jiuqu made by fermenting rice contains a lot of nutrients. In addition to oligosaccharides and dietary fiber derived from Jiuqu, "essential amino acids" that cannot be produced in the body and "vitamin Bs" that help skin beautification and recovery from fatigue The feature is that it is included.

Vitamin B1 is indispensable for carbohydrate metabolism, and Vitamin B2 counteracts the harmful effects of oxidized oil, which is a cause of skin deterioration.
Vitamin B7 also promotes the work of making collagen.

Jiuqu containing such B vitamins is very good for cosmetology.

③ Oatmeal is the king of replacement diets

Oatmeal is a food with a low postprandial blood glucose level increase called "low GI food" . (88 for white rice, 55 for oatmeal)

Therefore, it is less likely to become fat and is now attracting attention as "replacement diet ingredients" !
Furthermore, the amount of dietary fiber in oatmeal is 18 times that of white rice!
It's a food that you can easily enjoy intestinal activity and diet just by eating!

ORYZAE Enjoy your intestinal activity with granola !

This time, we introduced the amazing parts of ORYZAE Granola!
How was it?
Please have a fun intestinal life with ORYZAE Granola ♪

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