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We deliver products using Jiuqu to everyone, but what is Jiuqu in the first place? Maybe some people don't know what it is.

So this time to everyone
① What is Jiuqu?
② Merits of Jiuqu
③ Correct way of taking
④ Recommended way of taking
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By the time you finish reading this article, you'll love Jiuqu even more and you'll want to eat it every day!

What is Jiuqu in the first place?

Jiuqu is one of the types of Jiuqu.
Jiuqu is fermented grains such as rice, wheat and soybeans using a fungus called Jiuqu. And the most famous Jiuqu is rice Jiuqu, which is called Jiuqu.

By the way, before the Muromachi period, it seems that food using Jiuqu was considered a luxury item 😲
Jiuqu, which was only served by some high-ranking people such as powerful people and samurai, is now available. I'm glad that you can enjoy it easily ♪

Benefits of taking Jiuqu

1. Whitening

Kojic acid produced by Jiuqu is said to be a part of whitening ingredient approved by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare!
Since it also suppresses the action of enzymes that darken the skin, it also leads to prevention of dark spots and dullness .

2. Rough skin prevention

It is said that Jiuqu has a function to suppress oxidation, which is the cause of skin troubles.

3. Allergy prevention

Jiuqu is said to work effectively against allergies related to an enzyme called "cathepsin B".

4. Improvement of communication, diet

Because it is a fermented food of Jiuqu, the intestinal environment is adjusted by the power of fermentation, which leads to relieving constipation .
When constipation is resolved, nutrient absorption is improved and metabolism is increased, so diet is also supported !

5. Improvement of lifestyle-related diseases

Since blood is made from the nutrients absorbed from the intestines, the blood becomes smooth when the intestinal environment is adjusted, leading to immunity improvement .
And when the immunity increases, the risk of developing diabetes and hypertension is reduced.

6. Mental balance is in place

The intestine is the period when many nerve cells are packed next to the brain so that it is called the "second brain".
Therefore, the intestines and the brain are interrelated.
When the intestinal environment improves, the parasympathetic nerves work better and the independent nerves also become .

In addition, various effects such as detoxification effect and prevention of osteoporosis are expected.

What is the right way to take it?

The easiest way to improve the intestinal environment in adulthood is to take fermented foods , oligosaccharides, and dietary fiber on a regular basis . ..

The good bacteria that are abundant in fermented foods are said to be that cannot live in the intestines for a long period of time . Therefore, it is desirable to take every day in order to improve the intestinal environment.

Also, Eating only one day does not change the intestinal environment .
It is said that in order to improve the intestinal environment, it is necessary to review lifestyle habits for at least half a year to a year .

As mentioned above, it is important to make it a daily habit to incorporate fermented foods such as Jiuqu .

Recommended method

It is important to incorporate it into your daily life without stress.

In addition, intestinal bacteria are more likely to act after a meal when gastric acid and bile secretion are calm than on an empty stomach, which has a strong effect on gastric acid, and the intestinal activity effect is enhanced.

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By all means, let's love Jiuqu and have a fun intestinal life ♪