What is the true feeling of launching the food cosmetics ORYZAE?

Hello, this is Koizumi, the representative of food cosmetics ORYZAE.

It feels like the staff blog has finally come to my turn, and each staff member uses Orize in this blog. A place where you can freely write what you want everyone to know It has become.

Actually, I personally wrote a blog here and there, and the first time I started writing was in August 2018, more than three years ago.

I will share the URL here, so please take a look if you are interested.

Yasuhide Koizumi | note

By the way, today I would like to write about "What is the true feeling of launching food cosmetics ORYZAE?"

On the site, " Aiming for health and beauty beyond deliciousness I wrote the feeling, but I have a feeling that I cannot express here, and I have a wish.

What is really important is invisible.

I love "Prince of the Stars", and the words "I can't see what's important" appear in it.

I first learned about the Prince of the Stars when I was in elementary school, but I first read it when I was 20 years old.

At that time, I was beginning to wonder how I wanted to live, and I felt a sense of discomfort in a world where only glittering and conspicuous things were useful.

I wanted to escape from the values of the world, such as "Because it is important to get to know the contents first, it is a conspicuous win" or "To be good at the world, you have to show yourself well below". ..

At that time, I came across this word and there are various values in the world. I want to be a person who can cherish the invisible I thought.

When I was traveling in my life to meet the real thing, I might be moved by the "fermented foods" run by invisible microorganisms and the "intestinal bacteria" that support our bodies. Hmm.

Happiness can only be obtained from living things.

One of my favorite great men is José Mujica.

He is the former president of Uruguay and is said to be the poorest president in the world.

He said, " Happiness is misunderstood as buying things, but happiness can only be obtained from living things like human beings. "Is called.

I couldn't feel happy in the business of selling a product called ORYZAE because I could change the values of my life with these words.

He said, I've often wondered why we're selling things when we can't get happiness by buying things.

as a result, Even if what is delivered in front of the customer is ORYZAE, it is meaningful to think about how to bring life and heart to it. I was able to realize what was important.

That is why I always say "God dwells in the details" even within the company.

As part of expressing such feelings, we will enclose a handwritten letter with the customer at the time of purchase, and occasionally send a letter of appreciation to my home for supporting ORYZAE.

What I want to leave is "heart".

Sometimes we wonder why people are alive.

There may be answers for each of you, but the answer in me is " Life is to pass on the baton entrusted to us by our predecessors in a better way to the next generation "I think it is.

Recently, it is said to be a sustainable society, but in a nutshell, it may be a story of "how can I make a world where my children and grandchildren can continue to live happily in the future?"

Therefore, through the brand ORYZAE, I would like to not only deliver to people who want to be beautiful and healthy, but also to ultimately aim to be a brand that will be loved by their children and grandchildren for a long time.

Excuse me, but my first child is scheduled to be born in December of this year.

What I feel more about it is what I can leave to the next generation and what I want to leave.

What I want to leave is "heart".

"Kokoro" is a way of saying "the feeling of valuing the invisible" and "happiness can only be obtained from the living things, not from the things".

The means may be anything.

However, I love fermented foods and the warm dining table that surrounds my family, so I would like to deliver "heart" to as many people as possible through "food".