[3 minutes commentary] What is the reason why the intestinal environment holds the key to health and how to prepare the intestinal environment?

What do you think is the key to our health?

The answer is the intestinal environment.

"I don't usually think about the intestinal environment ..."
"I'm not sure why the intestines are important for health in the first place ..."
"How can I improve the intestinal environment?"

I think there are many such voices.

So, this time, I will briefly explain why the intestinal environment holds the key to our health and how to prepare the intestinal environment!

[Why the intestinal environment holds the key to good health]

The intestinal environment supports the body's immunity!

The reason why the intestinal environment holds the key to good health is The intestinal environment supports most of the body's immunity Because.

Immunity is the ability to protect yourself from illness and infection.

our About 70% of the body's immune cells are in the intestine However, it protects the body from viruses and fungi.

However, if the intestinal environment is poor, immune cells will not function well.

It increases your risk of getting sick.

for that reason, It is important to prepare the intestinal environment in order to build a body that is less likely to get sick. is.

Intestinal bacteria support the intestinal environment!

Why does immunity work well when the intestinal environment is in place?

The flow is shown below.

The intestinal environment is adjusted → Intestinal bacteria are activated → Intestinal bacteria activate immune cells!

In other words, intestinal bacteria support the intestinal environment.

What is the relationship between gut bacteria and health?

There are roughly three types of intestinal bacteria in our intestines.

① Good bacteria ... Bacteria that work well for the body
(2) Bad bacteria: Bacteria that have a bad effect on the body
③ Optimum bacteria ... Bacteria that flow to the majority

If the good bacteria are in a predominant environment, the opportunistic bacteria will work well and you will be healthy.

On the other hand, when bad bacteria predominate, the body becomes ill.

It is a good bacterium that works well for the body, but it is not enough to have only the good bacterium.

The ideal balance of gut bacteria is

"Good bacteria 2: opportunistic bacteria 7: bad bacteria 1"

It is said that.

Therefore, it is important to create a well-balanced intestinal environment in which good bacteria predominate on a daily basis.

[How to prepare the intestinal environment]

Eat a balanced diet

We have found that improving the intestinal environment is important for good health.

Then, how can we prepare the intestinal environment?

The answer is, Eat a balanced diet with vegetables and fermented foods is.

Specifically, the following foods will improve the intestinal environment.

① Vegetables and fruits
② Mushroom
③ Pickles such as kimchi
④ Yogurt and amazake
⑤ Miso and salted koji (fermented seasoning)

These foods will rejuvenate the good bacteria.

Therefore, if you eat with these foods in mind, the intestinal environment will naturally improve.

What is a diet that disturbs the intestinal environment?

On the other hand, some meals disturb the intestinal environment.

that is, A diet high in fats, animal proteins and food additives is.

By eating too much of such foods, you can feed on animal lipids and proteins in your intestines. Bad bacteria multiply Because it will be done.

However, this does not mean that you should not eat any foods that contain them.

Protein is an ingredient needed to build our body.

In other words, balance is important for diet.

We recommend that you be careful not to eat too much meat and try to eat more vegetables and fermented foods!

[in conclusion]

What did you think?

This time, I talked about "why the intestinal environment holds the key to good health and how to improve the intestinal environment".

In summary, it is like this.

  1. Since the intestinal environment supports the body's immunity, it is important to prepare the intestinal environment.
  2. To improve the intestinal environment, eat a well-balanced diet that incorporates vegetables and fermented foods.

The intestines in our body.

In fact, it was so important that it affected your health.

The intestines also play a role in digesting food and absorbing nutrients.

In other words, it can be said that the intestines make our body and protect it at the same time.

Please try to have a well-balanced diet with an awareness of improving the intestinal environment!