You can see it in 1 minute! What is the difference between Jiuqu and Koji?

"What is the difference between Jiuqu and Jiuqu?"
"Are there two Chinese characters, Jiuqu and Jiuqu?"

This time, I will tell you about the "difference between Jiuqu and Jiuqu" of seeds that can be understood in 1 minute.

What is the semantic difference between "Jiuqu" and "Jiuqu"?

In conclusion, "Jiuqu" can be used for all Koji, and "Jiuqu" can be used only for rice Koji.

In addition to rice koji, there are also wheat koji and bean koji.

"Jiuqu" can be used for all Jiuqu, so use Rice Jiuqu, Wheat Jiuqu, Bean Jiuqu .

On the other hand, "Jiuqu" is only rice Jiuqu, so it is not used as barley or bean.

Also, in the case of "Jiuqu", one letter means "Koji made from rice", so I don't use it very often.

However, what I said above is just saying that everyone is using it that way, and there is no correct answer.

Just because you used it with barley jiuqu does not mean that it is useless.

In other words, Basically, "Jiuqu" can be used for all Koji, and "Koji" can be used only for rice Koji .

Why are there two Chinese characters, "Jiuqu" and "糀"?

I will tell you why there are two feelings, "jiuqu" and "糀" in the first place.

"Jiuqu" is a Chinese character that came from China, and "糀" is a Japanese kokuji made in Japan.

Jiuqu came from China, not Japan, so it can be considered that the Chinese characters were also transmitted at that time.

On the other hand, "Jiuqu" is named after that the rice looks like it has bloomed.

Recommended usage of "Jiuqu" and "Jiuqu"

Finally, I will introduce the recommended usage of "Jiuqu" and "Jiuqu".

If you are not particular about it, you should always use "Jiuqu".

However, since it is a Japanese kokuji made by Japan, I would like to tell those who want to use "Jiuqu".

First of all, if you think "Jiuqu looks like rice is blooming in Japanese, it's wonderful!", And if you want to use "Jiuqu", please cherish that sensibility. Please use "Jiuqu".

However, there is one disadvantage. If you are reading this article now, you may be able to read "jiuqu" as "jiuqu", but most people cannot.

Therefore, in places where many people are going to learn about fermented foods such as blogs and lectures, try "Jiuqu" with "Koji" and furigana .


How was it? This time, I told you about the difference between "Jiuqu" and "Jiuqu".

"Jiuqu" can be used for all Koji, and "Fermentation" is only for rice Koji. Know the basic principle and use it as you like. Then, try activities to increase your fermenting life and fermenting companions!