What is the effect on intestinal activity? [Permanent preservation version]

"What kind of effect does intestinal activity have?"
"Intestinal activity seems to be troublesome ..."

Do you have such a question?

If you are reading this article, you may have seen or heard the word "intestinal activity" somewhere.

Recently, I often see the word "intestinal activity" on TV, the Internet, and magazines.

In order to maintain beauty and health, there is a lot of noise saying " Improvement of the intestinal environment is essential! ". Is that really true?

What kind of effect does intestinal activity have?

Is the effect of intestinal activity mentioned in the media true?

This time, I will explain the effect of such "intestinal activity" in an easy-to-understand manner.

    This is the effect of intestinal activity! ??

    Recently, the spear " intestinal activity " has various effects.

    In this chapter, we will explain the specific effects of such intestinal activity in a simple and easy-to-understand manner!

    ① Mental stabilization (elimination of frustration)

    By activating the intestines, you can expect the effect of reducing your anxiety and irritability and stabilizing your mental state.

    Of course, there is a reason for this.

    As the intestinal environment improves, it becomes easier to produce a happiness hormone called serotonin , and feeling happiness reduces anxiety.

    Serotonin has the effect of balancing the autonomic nerves and making the mind positive.

    In addition, it has the effect of suppressing the runaway of noradrenaline and dopamine, which are excitatory substances, so it is less likely to cause irritation.

    And how, about 90% of serotonin is actually made in the intestine.

    It is said that the worse the intestinal environment is, the more difficult it is to make serotonin, and it is said that abnormalities in serotonin lead to irritability, decreased aspiration and motivation, and depressive symptoms.

    Therefore, " Improvement of intestinal environment (intestinal activity) " is indispensable for stabilizing the mental state.

    ② Improvement of rough skin

    By improving the intestinal environment, you may be able to solve your current problems with rough skin.

    In fact, there is a deep relationship between rough skin and deterioration of the intestinal environment.

    Bad bacteria in the intestines use proteins as food to produce harmful substances called " phenols ".

    When these phenols reach and accumulate in the bloodstream from the intestine, they adversely affect the epidermal cells and cause dullness and dryness of the skin.

    Of course, there are several other possible causes of rough skin, but if you can't get rid of the rough skin no matter how much skin care you take, we recommend that you take this opportunity to start intestinal activity!

    ③ Improvement of chronic fatigue

    If you are suffering from chronic fatigue, bowel activity may improve it.

    In fact, deterioration of the intestinal environment can lead to chronic fatigue.

    Do you usually feel lack of exercise or live a sedentary life?

    Maybe it leads to deterioration of the intestinal environment and causes chronic fatigue.

    If you sit for a long time or lack exercise, the flow of " bile " will be impaired and bacteria will grow more easily.

    Bile is made in the liver and concentrated in the gallbladder, and has the effect of killing bacteria that have grown too much in the small intestine.

    As the flow of bile deteriorates and the intestinal environment deteriorates, the amount of " active oxygen " that causes aging and illness increases in the body.

    It is thought that the increase in active oxygen makes the body easy to get tired, leading to chronic fatigue.

    Avoiding sitting down, standing up diligently and moving lightly is also a good bowel activity.

    If you are suffering from chronic fatigue, please try to incorporate exercise such as getting up once an hour and moving lightly into your daily life.

    ④ Improvement of constipation

    It is a fact that constipation is improved by intestinal activity, which is often said in the media.

    Constipation is the weakening of the peristaltic movement of the intestines (the movement of the intestines to expel the poop out of the body), which makes it impossible to send the poop first and stays there, depriving the poop of water. It happens by being struck.

    "Intestinal activity" is essential to improve this.

    By consciously eating vegetables that contain a lot of dietary fiber, the bulk of the stool will increase and the stool will become softer.

    In addition, the stimulation of the intestines activates the peristaltic movement and promotes defecation.

    ⑤ Improvement of swelling and poor circulation

    By adjusting the intestinal environment, it can be expected that problems such as swelling and poor circulation will be resolved.

    Causes of swelling and poor circulation include lack of exercise and long-term posture maintenance.

    This will increase the number of bad bacteria in the intestines, causing constipation and diarrhea, and the blood flow and lymph in the intestines will be blocked.

    As a result, blood circulation becomes poor, the limbs and face swell, and the limbs become cold.

    If you are worried about swelling or poor circulation now, why not take this opportunity to start intestinal activity?

    ⑥ Others

    In addition to the ones introduced so far, there are various effects on intestinal activity.

    For example, improvement of stiff shoulders and back pain, improvement of insomnia, improvement of obesity and allergies.

    Of course, there are other benefits to be gained by improving the intestinal environment.

    The organ called "intestine" that we have in our body is also called " second brain ", and it is an important hormone that not only digests what we eat but also affects our mood. It produces vitamins and synthesizes the vitamins necessary for living.

    It is the intestinal bacteria that work in this way, and by increasing the diversity of these, " good bacteria " " bad bacteria " " It is important to maintain the balance of bacteria such as " opportunistic bacteria ".

    Activate the intestines! 3 easy intestinal activities you can do from today!

    So far, I have briefly explained the effects obtained by intestinal activity.

    Here, I will explain a simple intestinal activity method that you can start right away from today.

    For those who want to start intestinal activity and those who are new to intestinal activity, here are three simple ones!

    ① Intestinal activity in the bath

    Are you all worried about poor circulation?

    We recommend intestinal activity in the bath .

    The set temperature of the bath is 38 ℃.

    When soaked in hot water, the sympathetic nerves increase and blood vessels contract due to fatigue, reducing the amount of blood circulating in the intestines.

    This causes the intestines to slow down, cool down, and slow down.

    To avoid this, we recommend " take a half-body bath in lukewarm water for about 15 minutes ".

    This will increase the parasympathetic nerves and relax the intestines.

    It is a recommended intestinal activity method for beginners because you can further enhance the relaxing effect by adding your favorite bath salt!

    ② Finish your meal 4 hours before going to bed

    How many hours do you sleep a day?

    Are you worried about not being able to fall asleep or getting tired?

    Actually, "Sleep" is very important for preparing the intestinal environment.

    There is a "cleaning time" in the intestines, during which time the intestines increase the secretion of digestive juices such as gastric acid and bile, which have a bactericidal action, and prevent the increase of bad bacteria.

    This is called " Propagative gastrointestinal contractile movement (MMC) ", which is closely related to sleep, and when sleep is shallow, the autonomic nerves are disturbed. The movement of the intestines gets worse.

    It is important to finish your meal 4 hours before sleep in order to make a good time to clean your intestines.

    The best sleep time is 6-7 hours.

    Let's improve the intestinal environment by adjusting the rhythm by sleeping at the same time every day!

    ③ Intestinal activity squat

    For those who are worried about lack of exercise, " Intestinal activity squat " is recommended.

    It is known that the vertical movement by squats also has a positive effect on the intestines.

    Squats can strengthen the muscles near the large intestine (iliopsoas), which can improve the defecation power to push out the poop.

    Furthermore, by exercising, vibration is transmitted to the intestines, and the intestines can be activated.

    The correct squat method is as follows.

    1. Take a deep breath.
    2. Straighten your spine.
    3. Do not break your hips.
    4. Do it with the image of sticking out the buttocks.
    5. Keep your knees out of your toes.

      Also, refrain from doing it after eating or taking a bath.

      Raise and lower each for 4 seconds, and if you feel pain, do not overdo it.

      Let's solve the lack of exercise while activating the intestines with an easy squat!


      How was it?

      This time, I have explained the effects obtained by performing intestinal activity and the recommended intestinal activity method for beginners.

      Finally, let's briefly review the contents of this time.

      First, the effects obtained by intestinal activity are as follows.

      1. Mental stabilization
      2. Improvement of rough skin
      3. Improvement of chronic fatigue
      4. Improvement of constipation
      5. Improvement of swelling and poor circulation

        Next, the 3 recommended intestinal activity methods are as follows.

        1. Take a half-body bath in a lukewarm bath (about 38 ℃) for about 15 minutes.
        2. Finish your meal 4 hours before going to bed.
        3. Perform an intestinal squat.

          If you are looking at this page, you probably have some troubles.

          Such troubles may be solved by intestinal activity.

          Why don't you take this opportunity to start intestinal activity? .