What is intestinal activity? 5 recommended intestinal activity methods that you can practice right now!

"I'm suffering from constipation ..."
"Skin care should be good, but my skin gets rough ..."
"Mood Is often depressed ... "

Do you have any problems like this?

And you should have seen the word "intestinal activity" somewhere.

It is said that "the intestinal activity is good for constipation and rough skin!", But you don't really know what to do.

What exactly is "intestinal activity" in the first place?

In this article, we will explain intestinal activity in an easy-to-understand manner for people who are suffering from constipation, rough skin, or depressed mood!

What is intestinal activity in the first place?

In conclusion, intestinal activity is " living a daily life centered on the intestinal environment ".

"Even if you say that, it doesn't come to your mind, and what does it mean to have the intestinal environment as the axis?" 』

I understand that feeling well.

To explain it a little more clearly, " Living a life that pleases your intestines ".

I think that everyone reading this article probably has problems such as constipation and rough skin.

In fact, these problems are often caused by deterioration of the intestinal environment .

Your own daily lifestyle has a great influence on the condition of the intestinal environment.

If you have a diet that dislikes your intestines, you are under stress, or if you continue to lack sleep, your intestinal environment will deteriorate and your intestines will become weaker and weaker.

As a result, it leads to the beauty and health problems that you may have now.

In other words, it is necessary to improve the intestinal environment in order to solve such problems, and for that purpose, it is necessary to be aware of a life that makes your intestines happy. There is.

Be aware of the intestinal flora!

The intestinal flora is a group of intestinal bacteria that live in our intestines.

In our intestines, good bacteria (which work well for humans), bad bacteria (which work badly for humans), and opportunistic bacteria (which are good and bad for humans) Bacteria such as (attached) live.

It is said that there are more than 1,000 types of these bacteria, about 100 trillion, and various bacteria maintain your health while balancing.

People with a lot of good bacteria in the intestines are healthy, but people with a lot of bad bacteria are at increased risk of developing various health problems such as rough skin, constipation, and illness.

The important thing for intestinal activity is to increase the number of good bacteria in the intestine. The ideal balance of intestinal bacteria is said to be " good bacteria: bad bacteria: opportunistic bacteria = 2: 1: 7 ", but those who want to know more about this. See past articles!

In addition, these bacteria are also reduced by daily stress.

Even if it is for the intestines, If you have an unreasonable diet or lifestyle, it will become stressful and worsen the intestinal environment. Is also possible.

Don't use intestinal activity that can be stressful!

Intestinal age check!

Now, don't you care what your intestines are like now?

So, let's check your " intestinal age " first!

Below are nine simple questions

Please check all the applicable items.

The number that applies will tell you how old your intestines are now!

Intestinal age check items

□ Constipation

□ The stool is hard and hard to get out

□ The color of the stool is blackish

□ Smell of stools and flatulence

□ I don't eat much vegetables

□ I love meat and eat it often

□ I hate dairy products

□ I am aware of lack of exercise

□ The complexion looks pale and looks old

How is it?

The intestinal environment of those who have 6 to 8 or 9 checks is very likely to be in a bad condition.

It is necessary to review your usual eating habits and lifestyle.

Also, if possible, start light exercise .

The intestinal environment of the person who has 3 to 5 checks is in a good condition, but it is better to improve the usual lifestyle a little.

Be careful as the intestinal environment will worsen if you are not careful.

The intestinal environment of those who had 0 or 1 or 2 checks seems to be very good.

Please continue your current diet and lifestyle.

... but you don't know what to do specifically.

So, in the next chapter, we will introduce 5 recommended intestinal activities that you can easily do for everyone!

5 Recommended Intestinal Activities That You Can Practice Immediately!

" I want to start intestinal activity that seems to be good for beauty and health, but it seems to be troublesome ... "

Maybe some people have such an image of intestinal activity.

However, intestinal activity is not a hassle.

There are various foods that are familiar and pleasing to the intestines, but the typical ones are "fermented foods", "dietary fiber", and "oligosaccharides" .

Fermented foods include "natto", "kimchi", "miso", "yogurt", "amazake" .

Dietary fiber and oligosaccharides are abundant in vegetables, fruits and seaweeds.

These serve as food for good bacteria in the intestines, and live bacteria reach the intestines as they are, which works well for humans. If you want to know more details, please see the following past articles. give me!

By the way, I would like to tell you the recommended intestinal activity method.

On other sites, many meals for reviewing eating habits such as intestinal activity recipes are taken up, but if you do not have enough time, cooking may become troublesome. There is.

Therefore, in this chapter, instead of the recommended intestinal activity recipe, the recommended "intestinal activity method" that allows you to easily perform intestinal activity regardless of meals. I will introduce 5!

Natto x EXV. Olive oil

There are "foods" recommended for those who find it bothersome to cook or who do not have time to spare.

It is "olive oil natto" which is a combination of fermented food "natto" and healthy vegetable oil "olive oil".

It is good for the intestines to eat natto alone, but you can further improve your health by adding a little EXV. Olive oil (extra virgin olive oil)!

Olive oil is rich in nutrients called " essential fatty acids " that humans cannot produce.

Especially, it is rich in essential fatty acid called "oleic acid", which has a strong antioxidant effect to prevent aging.

Furthermore, from the viewpoint of "intestinal activity", the " defecation promoting effect " cannot be overlooked. It is also known that oleic acid has the effect of promoting defecation, and the 32 types of polyphenols contained in olive oil have the effect of preventing illness.

As a specific intake guideline, 1 tablespoon a day .

Adding this to your usual natto and eating it will improve your intestinal activity.

If you don't have enough time, you can easily get intestinal activity!

A glass of amazake after waking up

Especially recommended for women is the habit of drinking a glass of amazake after waking up.

There are actually two types of "Amazake", "Yonekoji Amazake" and "Sake Kasu Amazake", and we recommend "Yonejiu Amazake".

Because sake lees amazake contains a small amount of alcohol, we recommend "rice koji amazake", which is non-alcoholic, has a refreshing sweetness, and is relatively easy to drink.

Then why is amazake after waking up?

It is because " has the effect of activating the peristaltic movement of the intestines (exercise by the intestines to expel poop out of the body) and at the same time has a good beauty effect on the skin and hair.

t1> ".

Some of you may know that it is good to drink a glass of water in the morning.

It is because drinking water immediately after waking up activates intestinal motility.

By replacing the water with amazake, you can simultaneously use the beauty ingredients such as "kojic acid," "ferulic acid," and "biotin" contained in amazake and all nine essential amino acids that are indispensable for living. You can take it inside.

However, since the main component of amazake is sugar (glucose), you must be careful not to drink too much.

As a guideline for intake, it is recommended to drink 100g at a time and 200g a day.

Why don't you take this opportunity to start intestinal amazake after waking up?

Increase walking time

"30-minute walking" is recommended as an intestinal activity method to relieve constipation.

Japanese people spend about 7 hours a day , according to an announcement from an Australian research institute ( Reference link ).

Sitting too much slows the peristaltic movement of the intestine, adversely affects the intestinal environment, and causes the increase of bad bacteria .

Furthermore, sitting too much increases the risk of diseases such as cancer, dementia, and obesity .

In order to reduce the risk of illness due to intestinal activity, try walking for about 30 minutes a day at a speed that allows you to sweat lightly.

However, I think that there are many people who are too busy to take a lot of time.

For those people, try using commuting time, taking a light walk during lunch break, and so on.

However, lack of water is bad not only for your body but also for constipation, so be sure to rehydrate when walking!

Intestinal fir half-body bath

It is very important for the intestines not to cool the stomach.

By firmly using the bathtub to warm the body from the core, the movement of the intestines becomes active and the function of the large intestine also enhances.

However, if you take it in hot water, your sympathetic nerves will dominate, which is not very good for your intestines.

It is important to use it in slightly lukewarm water for a long time to warm it up.

I would like you to take in " intestinal fir half-body bath ".

This is the strongest intestinal activity method that adds "intestinal fir" that promotes the movement of the large intestine from the outside of the body to the "half-body bath" that can be expected to have beauty and relaxing effects.

Soak only below the epigastrium in lukewarm water at about 38 ° C and relax.

It is recommended to take about 30 minutes for one bath.

Please take it once or twice a week as a guide!

Keep a simple diary

By writing the events and feelings of the day in a diary, stress is reduced and damage to the intestines is also reduced.

It's not surprising that things go wrong, and that stress can have a big impact on your intestines.

Furthermore, if you have an intestinal upset, you tend to accumulate worries and anxiety.

Self-disclosure called " self-disclosure " solves such problems.

Write down what you liked or disliked about that day on a piece of paper, about 20 minutes three times a week.

By doing this, stress will be reduced and the condition of the intestines will improve.

If you find it a little troublesome to keep a diary, please find and practice a stress relieving method that suits you!

The most important thing for intestinal activity is not to accumulate stress.

If you try to do intestinal activity too hard and it becomes stressful, you will not have any children, so do not overdo it.


How was it?

This time, under the theme of "What is intestinal activity?", I introduced an explanation about intestinal activity and 5 recommended intestinal activity methods!

How old was your intestine?

If you feel that you are a little worried about your intestinal environment, please try the simple intestinal activity method!

is a brief summary of this time.

Intestinal activity is "to live a life that makes the intestines happy."

It is important to understand the intestinal age and practice a stress-free intestinal activity method that suits you

Let's practice the recommended intestinal activity method introduced this time from the simplest one to solve the problems you are having now.

If you can continue, please try another intestinal activity method!

So, this time I wrote a brief article about intestinal activity.

Let's continue the stress-free and fun intestinal activity together!