Amazake had a beautiful skin effect! ?? [Limited to those who want to have beautiful skin and hair]

"I want to clean my skin and hair! I heard it rumored, but does amazake work?"
" I'm worried about sunburn and age spots on my skin ... I heard that amazake has a beautiful skin effect, but is it true? ?? "

This time I will answer such a question.

Intravenous drip, amazake.

The number of people who drink is increasing recently.

Amazake is said to be effective for both health and beauty, but is it true?

This time, from the aspect of "cosmetology", I will explain whether amazake is really effective especially for "beautiful skin" and "beautiful skin"!

Amazake is perfect for beauty! ??

In conclusion, It is true that amazake has a beauty effect.

For amazake, "" made from rice and koji Rice Jiuqu Amazake "" And "made from lees" Sake lees amazake There are two types.

The manufacturing method and ingredients of each amazake are different, but in fact, both amazake have a beauty effect!

Now, let me tell you about the beauty effects of the two types of amazake.

① What is the beauty effect of rice koji amazake?

Rice Jiuqu Amazake keeps skin and hair beautiful and prevents aging at the cellular level. Anti-aging effect Can be expected.

So why is rice koji amazake effective for beauty of skin and hair?

"Beauty Vitamin" Biotin for beautiful skin and hair

A component called "biotin," which is a type of B vitamins contained in rice-jiuqu amazake, keeps beautiful bare skin and makes hair moist and shiny.

(Biotin is also called "vitamin B7" or "vitamin H".)

Biotin promotes the metabolism of human skin cells (a phenomenon in which substances necessary for survival are taken into the body and old substances are taken out of the body), and the synthesis of "keratin", which is the main component of hair, is synthesized. It has a function to help.

In other words, it is an essential nutritional ingredient for those who want to keep their skin clean and those who want to have beautiful hair.

Biotin is a vitamin that is also produced by the good bacteria that live in the human intestine, but if it is ingested too much, it will be excreted from the body together with urine.

In addition, the deterioration of the intestinal environment may reduce the amount of biotin synthesized by good bacteria.

Insufficient biotin in the body causes rough skin, hair loss, and increased gray hair, so it is one of the nutrients that people who are concerned about deterioration of skin and hair quality should actively take.

"Kojic acid" and "ferulic acid" that suppress the causes of spots and freckles

"Kojic acid" and "ferulic acid" contained in rice koji amazake produce "melanin" which is the cause of spots and freckles, and "glycation (protein and sugar are combined to produce aging substances) which is the cause of dullness. It has the function of suppressing "to do)".

Especially in the hot summer, you are worried about the ultraviolet rays from the sun.

When the skin receives a strong stimulus from ultraviolet rays, " Melanocytes The cells called "" command the production of melanin, preventing UV rays from penetrating deep into the skin.

The more melanin you have, the darker your skin will look, which can cause sunburn and age spots.

Originally, only the necessary amount remains due to the metabolism of the skin, but it is overproduced by receiving strong external stimuli such as ultraviolet rays, and it accumulates and becomes a stain.

The savior of the skin that prevents this is rice-jiuqu amazake.

Kojic acid not only suppresses the production of melanin, but also has the effect of stopping it before it is produced. Whitening cosmetics to drink It can also be said.

② What is the beauty effect of lees amazake?

Unlike rice-jiuqu amazake, it is a sake lees amazake that contains a small amount of alcohol, but in fact it can be expected to have a beauty effect.

So what kind of beauty effect does lees amazake have?

"Α-Ethyl-D-Glucoside" that keeps the elasticity of the skin

The ingredient "α-ethyl-D-glucoside (hereinafter, α-EG)" contained in lees amazake Increases the amount of "collagen" that gives the skin firmness and elasticity This has been demonstrated by the research groups of Kanazawa Institute of Technology and Shata Shuzo Co., Ltd.

This ingredient is an umami ingredient contained in sake and lees, and when taken continuously, it activates the cells of the dermis layer (tissue inside the skin) of the skin and increases collagen.

It's an indispensable ingredient for women who want to keep their skin clean.

We also know that older people have a higher rate of collagen increase when they take α-EG than younger people, so if you want to stay young forever, this is a beauty drink that you should definitely try. is!

It's not just rice-jiuqu amazake! "Ferulic acid" "Ferulic acid" that was introduced as a beauty ingredient of rice-jiuqu amazake.

In fact, this ingredient is It is contained not only in rice-jiuqu amazake but also in sake lees amazake.

In other words, you can expect the effect of preventing spots and freckles by drinking lees and amazake.

There is a difference in aroma and taste between rice koji amazake and sake lees amazake, so if you want to prevent or improve spots and freckles, you should choose the one that suits you!

However, since lees and amazake contain a small amount of alcohol, Be especially careful if you are sensitive to alcohol Is required.

What is an effective way to drink amazake?

So far, I have told you about the beauty effects of two types of amazake.

But when and how much should I actually drink?

Here, I would like to tell you how to drink amazake effectively.

Drink about 100g at a time as a guide.

We recommend that you drink about 100g of amazake at a time and about 200g a day.

The reason is that amazake contains "sugar".

The sweetness of rice-jiuqu amazake is due to the glucose derived from rice, and the sweetness of lees amazake is due to the sugar added when making.

There is no problem if the amount is appropriate, but overdose may cause obesity, so Be careful not to drink too much need to do it.

Start your day with a glass of amazake!

The recommended timing for drinking amazake is " Morning after waking up "is.

Drinking a glass (about 100g) of amazake after waking up in the morning stimulates the intestines and activates peristaltic movements (intestinal movements to expel poop out of the body).

In addition, rice-jiuqu amazake also contains nutrients such as "dietary fiber" and "magnesium" that improve the intestinal environment and "glucose" that is energy for the brain. You can replenish the energy of the brain while preparing.

In this way, amazake has other beneficial effects on the body besides the effects of beautiful skin and hair.

If you want to start amazake, we recommend starting with a drink in the morning!

in conclusion

How was it? This time" The beauty effect of two types of amazake I talked about.

To summarize what I told you,

  1. Rice Jiuqu Amazake → Contains "biotin" that has a beautiful skin and beauty effect, and "kojic acid" and "ferulic acid" that suppress stains.
  2. Lees Amazake → Contains "α-ethyl-D-glucoside" that keeps the skin elastic and "ferulic acid" that suppresses age spots.

It will be.

Both amazake have a beauty effect, so please choose the one that suits you and continue to take it.

Why don't you take this opportunity to start your amazake life and become beautiful from the inside of your body! ??