What is the nutritional value and effect of amazake? [Ideal for beauty and health]

"I hear that amazake is good for beauty, but is it true?"
"Women in their thirties I hear that amazake is good for your health, but what is its nutrition and effects?"

This time I will answer such a question.

I hear that amazake is good for beauty and health, and I want to buy it, but I'm a little wondering if it really works.

I will explain the nutritional value and effects of such amazake in an easy-to-understand manner!

What is the nutritional value of amazake? What are beauty and health benefits?

In conclusion, It is true that amazake has beauty and health benefits is.

However, for amazake, "" made from rice and koji Rice Jiuqu Amazake "" And "made from lees" Sake lees amazake "there is.

Both amazake have health benefits, but this time they are non-alcoholic and relatively easy to drink, and their beauty benefits are also attracting attention. Rice Jiuqu Amazake I will focus on and explain!

① What is the beauty effect of amazake?

The reason why amazake is said to be good for beauty and health "Because it is rich in glucose, essential amino acids, vitamins and dietary fiber." is.

In particular, amino acids are one of the main components of the skin and control the moisturizing function of the skin.

A component called "N-acetylglucosamine", which is one of the amino acids contained in rice jiuqu, promotes the synthesis of collagen and hyaluronic acid. The role of keeping the skin moisturized I will bear.

In addition, the component called "glycosyl ceramide", which is a combination of sugar and lipid contained in rice and rice jiuqu, is Effect of improving the barrier function of the skin It is believed that there is.

In addition, rice koji amazake also contains antioxidants (such as ferulic acid and ergothioneine) that remove active oxygen (a substance that oxidizes and rusts the human body, which leads to aging). I am.

Among them, "ergothioneine," which is a type of amino acid, is Approximately 7,000 times more antioxidant power than Vitamin E There is Ingredients that are powerful supporters of beauty and anti-aging It is attracting attention as.

For those who are worried about dry skin or who are worried about skin aging, "Amazake" is a magical drink that has a nice effect.

② What is the nutritional value and health benefits of amazake?

By incorporating amazake into your daily diet, Immunity improvement, improvement of constipation and rough skin, recovery from fatigue, suppression of LDL (bad) cholesterol You can expect various health effects such as.

As mentioned above, amazake is rich in nutrients such as glucose, vitamins, and dietary fiber in addition to amino acids.

In fact, 20% or more Glucose This is the reason for the natural sweetness of amazake.

When a person lacks glucose in the body, his or her thinking ability and motivation are reduced, which causes frustration and tires of the body.

By taking a moderate amount of glucose, you may be able to improve your motivation and concentration, eliminate the frustration you are currently suffering from, and relieve fatigue.

also, Amazake is a drink that is perfect for improving the intestinal environment It is.

Deterioration of the intestinal environment due to unbalanced diet, lack of sleep, lack of exercise, stress, etc. can cause constipation, rough skin, weakened immunity, obesity and body odor.

The deterioration of the intestinal environment is due to the growth of bad bacteria in the intestine, but by drinking amazake, the oligosaccharides and dietary fiber contained in it become food for the good bacteria in the intestine and help the work. is.

By preparing the intestinal environment in this way, I had it until then Improvement of constipation and rough skin Will lead to.

When good bacteria become healthy, immune cells are activated and immunity rises. The effect of increasing the ability to prevent illness and speeding up recovery even if illness occurs It can be obtained.

In addition, insoluble fiber stimulates the intestines, activating peristalsis (the intestinal exercise required to expel poop). Improve communication It has the effect of doing it.

It is a nutritional drink that you should definitely drink if you have poor bowel movements and are suffering from constipation.

In addition to this, there is a substance called "prolamin," which is a type of indigestible protein contained in amazake. Cholesterol lowering effect It is said that there is a clinical result that the LDL cholesterol level decreases by continuing to take prolamin.

According to the research results released in 2018 by a joint research team of Kanazawa Institute of Technology and Kosei Sangyo Co., Ltd., if you drink a glass of rice koji amazake (about 150 ml), you will ingest the amount of prolamin that exerts its functionality in the human body. It is concluded that it is considered possible. (( Reference link )

If you are suffering from constipation, rough skin, LDL cholesterol level, etc., why not add a glass of amazake to your daily diet.

What is an effective way to take amazake?

So far, I have explained the beauty and health benefits of amazake.

Amazake can be expected to have various beauty and health effects that make women happy, but it does not mean that you should just drink this. You have to be careful not to drink too much.

Amazake is an auxiliary role and does not contain all the nutrients that humans need.

Glucose, the main component of amazake, is an essential nutrient for the human brain, but too much intake can lead to obesity and cause lifestyle-related diseases.

First 1 glass a day (about 100g) It is recommended to drink as a guide.

in conclusion

How was it?

This time, I talked about "nutrition value and beauty / health effects of amazake".

The main beauty effects you can expect from drinking amazake again

  1. Improves skin moisturization and barrier function
  2. Prevention of skin aging due to antioxidant activity


Furthermore, regarding the health effects explained this time,

  1. Elimination of frustration and recovery from fatigue by inoculation of glucose
  2. Eliminate constipation / rough skin and improve immunity by improving the intestinal environment
  3. Reduction of LDL (bad) cholesterol


I want to maintain delicious beauty and health while skillfully incorporating amazake into my daily diet.

Why don't you take this opportunity to try amazake, which you have been curious about but haven't been able to touch.