Is it true that amazake is good for relieving fatigue? [For those who are tired]

"I heard that amazake is good for relieving fatigue, but is it true?"
"Women in their thirties have been tired recently, so I want to get rid of them ... Does amazake work?"

This time I will answer such a question.

Apparently amazake is good for relieving fatigue, but I'm worried whether it really works.

I feel sad if I can't feel the effect even though I tried to continue.

So, I will tell you in an easy-to-understand manner whether amazake really has a fatigue recovery effect!

Does Amazake really have a fatigue-relieving effect?

In conclusion, Amazake has a fatigue recovery effect.

For amazake, "" made from rice and koji Rice Jiuqu Amazake "" And "made from lees" Sake lees amazake "there is.

This time, it is non-alcoholic and easy to drink, and it is characterized by the natural sweetness derived from rice that does not use sugar. Rice Jiuqu Amazake I will focus on and explain!

Glucose heals brain fatigue

The main ingredient of rice koji amazake is "Glucose" However, this is an energy source for the brain and helps recovery from fatigue.

Fatigue, loss of motivation and concentration due to mental fatigue.

If you are worried about such daily fatigue, you may want to try incorporating "rice koji amazake" into your life.

The natural sweetness of rice-jiuqu amazake is due to glucose, which contains more than 20%.

The sake lees amazake that I talked about at the beginning is sweetened by adding sugar later, while the rice-jiuqu amazake ferments the jiuqu (fermentation: microorganisms work to produce substances that are beneficial to humans. ) It is a natural sweetness due to the glucose produced in the process.

Glucose is characterized by being more likely to be used as energy for the brain than sucrose (the main component of sugar), so it can be said that rice-jiuqu amazake is superior in terms of recovery from fatigue.

B vitamins help recovery from fatigue

In addition to glucose, rice-jiuqu amazake contains various nutrients.

Among them "Vitamin B group" Is an essential nutrient for humans to burn energy and exert power.

(Vitamin B group: 8 types of vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, niacin, pantothenic acid, folic acid, and biotin)

In fact, even if you are good at taking the "sugars", "lipids" and "proteins" that your body needs, if you are deficient in B vitamins, your body will metabolize smoothly (digesting and absorbing food, and your body will). It cannot be converted into the energy required to operate).

Therefore, the B vitamins are also called "coenzymes" that act like lubricants for energy metabolism.

If you feel tired lately, you may not be getting enough energy because you are not getting enough B vitamins.

Please note here B vitamins should be taken constantly daily rather than in large doses at once That is the point.

Vitamin B group is a water-soluble vitamin (vitamin that is easily dissolved in water), and it dissolves in body fluids such as blood in the body and is excreted in urine.

In addition, there are several types of B vitamins, but each of them works by supplementing the work in the body, so it is not necessary to take one of them every day, but it is necessary to take it in a well-balanced manner.

According to the research results released in 2016 by Hachikaiyama Co., Ltd., which is famous for "Amazake made only with Jiuqu", rice koji amazake contains 7 types other than vitamin B12 out of all 8 types of B vitamins. It seems that I was able to confirm that it was there. (( Reference link )

In this way, rice-jiuqu amazake contains various types of B vitamins that help energy metabolism and reduce fatigue.

In that sense, it can be said that rice koji amazake is a natural multivitamin drink that plays a role in both recovery from fatigue and maintenance of health.

Measures against fatigue by ingesting essential amino acids

In addition, for rice-jiuqu amazake It contains all 9 types of "essential amino acids" that cannot be produced by the human body.

(Essential amino acids: isoleucine, threonine, tryptophan, valine, histidine, phenylalanine, methionine, lysine, leucine)

Approximately 20% of our body is made up of amino acids that form cells and hormones, but the most important essential amino acids cannot be synthesized by the body and must be taken directly from food.

Amino acid deficiency can lead to a variety of health problems, including easy fatigue, skin problems, anemia and poor circulation.

In this way, amino acids are indispensable substances for living, and especially essential amino acids must be ingested directly in our daily diet.

"I want to have a healthy diet, but it's difficult to continue and I'm not sure ..."

I think that is the real intention.

"Amazake" is a drink that solves such problems.

Amazake "Drinking drip" You can understand that it is called.

Amazake About 100g at a time is a guide Let's drink

So far, I have explained the nutrients contained in amazake and the effect of recovery from fatigue.

Amazake contains abundant glucose, B vitamins, essential amino acids and other nutrients that are effective in relieving fatigue. It is only ancillary and you should be careful not to drink too much.

It is a drink that contains abundant nutrients so that it is called "drinking drip". The main component is sugar is.

Drinking too much can lead to obesity and can cause lifestyle-related diseases.

The amount to drink at one time 1 glass (about 100g), about 200g a day It is recommended to use as a guide.

in conclusion

How was it?

This time "Amazake's fatigue recovery effect" I talked about.

Amazake contains various nutrients, among others

  1. Glucose
  2. B vitamins
  3. Essential amino acids

I told you that it is abundantly included.

If you want to heal your tiredness or take measures against fatigue easily, why not try incorporating amazake into your daily life?

Be careful not to drink too much, and start with a glass every day!