Why is amazake sweet? [Explanation of the health aspect of the sweetness of amazake]

"Why amazake is sweet?" Have you ever thought


Sweetness is sugar, but why is it sweet when amazake does not contain sugar?

This time, I will tell you about the secret of the sweetness of amazake, so please read it to the end.

There are two types of amazake, "lees amazake" and "rice-jiuqu amazake".

Amazake can be broadly divided into two types, " lees amazake " and " rice-jiuqu amazake ".

Sake Amazake is a traditional shrine amazake that contains alcohol and is often added with sugar to increase its sweetness.

Amazake made from rice koji is a sweet sake made only from the sweetness of koji, which is familiar in the recent amazake boom.

Both are grouped together as "Amazake", but they are actually different.

This time, "Why amazake is sweet?" is about the sweetness of rice-jiuqu amazake.

Why is amazake sweet?

The amazake I'm going to talk about is rice-jiuqu amazake .

Amazake is sweet because the starch of rice, which is the raw material of amazake, is changed to glucose, which is the sugar content, during the fermentation process.

Amazake is made by turning rice into rice jiuqu and fermenting it to make amazake.

In the process of rice becoming rice jiuqu, aspergillus produces more than 100 kinds of enzymes.

Among the enzymes, amylase is an enzyme that sweetens amazake.

Amylase converts starch into glucose, so we can feel the sweetness of rice as amazake.

Amazake is a natural sweetness, so is it healthy?

We sell amazake ourselves, but sometimes we are asked, "The sweetness of amazake is the natural sweetness of rice, so it's healthy, isn't it?"

The bottom line is that can be said to be healthy, but not always.

The sweetness of amazake becomes an energy source

The sweetness of amazake is the sweetness of glucose.

Glucose is the only source of nutrients for the brain and is an important source of energy for our activities.

Also, Amazake is mainly composed of glucose, but also contains vitamins, minerals, and essential amino acids that cannot be synthesized by the body.

Of these, vitamin B1, in particular, also helps convert glucose into energy, so amazake produces daily vitality .

Even with a healthy sweetness, taking too much can cause problems

However, amazake is a sweetness that is a source of energy for the body, so it is necessary to be careful if you can drink a lot.

When glucose is ingested, the amount that is not used as an energy source is stored as triglyceride.

This triglyceride causes fatness and leads to lifestyle-related diseases.

In other words, Amazake is healthy in terms of sugar because it also contains nutrients that help absorb glucose, which is a sweet ingredient, but overdose can cause problems Can be said to be amazake as well as sugar.

Understand in 1 minute! What is the proper amount of amazake for a day? [Drinking too much causes fatness]


How was it?

This time, I have told you about "Why amazake is sweet".

Amazake is sweet because an enzyme called amylase changes the starch of rice into a sugar called glucose.

Amazake is a healthy sugar compared to sugar, but be aware that taking too much can cause fatness and upset.