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New release in 2022! ORYZAE DRINK
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ORYZAE DRINK 300ml ✖️ 3 bottles set
Food cosmetics ORYZAE's third product, "ORYZAE DRINK"!
A straight type amazake that is easy to drink with a new sensation.


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Set contents Regular flight price (tax included) Single item Price (tax included)
Set of 3 1584 yen 1980 yen
5-piece set 2640 yen 3300 yen
8-piece set 4224 yen

5280 yen

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1. 原料は「米麹」と「水」だけ!
2. 無添加ノンアル甘酒♪
3. 栃木・日光の伝統技法
4. スッと飲める、新感覚な飲み心地



ORYZAE DRINK (100gあたり)
エネルギー 58.0kcal
たんぱく質 0.6g
脂質 0.1g
炭水化物 13.7g
食塩相当量 0.08g

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A new sense of drinking comfort

Easy to drink refreshingly!

A delicious amazake that can be drunk surprisingly quickly, completed after about 3 years of trial and error. Even if you don't like amazake, you can drink it deliciously ♪

Simple raw materials

Only "rice jiuqu" and "water" are used as raw materials! It is a simple and delicious amazake. Both were taken from Tochigi and Nikko Sanmine!

Warm up and take a rest ♪

It is recommended to warm up and drink in winter! You can take a rest and relax with amazake!

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