[Single item] ORYZAE DRINK 3-piece set

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A straight type drink using 100% rice jiuqu. Even if you don't like amazake, you can drink it surprisingly "quickly". Please enjoy the gentle natural sweetness that you do not feel only the sweetness of rice.

1. 原料は「米麹」と「水」だけ!
2. 無添加ノンアル甘酒♪
3. 栃木・日光の伝統技法
4. スッと飲める、新感覚な飲み心地


Jiuqu (domestic production)

ORYZAE DRINK (per 100g)
Energy 58.0kcal
Protein 0.6g
Lipid 0.1g
Carbohydrate 13.7g
Salt equivalent 0.08g

A new sense of drinking comfort

Easy to drink refreshingly!

A delicious amazake that can be drunk surprisingly quickly, completed after about 3 years of trial and error. Even if you don't like amazake, you can drink it deliciously ♪

Simple raw materials

Only "rice jiuqu" and "water" are used as raw materials! It is a simple and delicious amazake. Both were taken from Tochigi and Nikko Sanmine!

Warm up and take a rest ♪

It is recommended to warm up and drink in winter! You can take a rest and relax with amazake!

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