Aiming for a sustainable package

Hello, this is ORYZAE JOURNAL.

ORYZAE aims to give maximum consideration to the environment not only for the contents of the product but also for the container used.

From February 2021, packaged containers can be recycled as recyclable waste .

Until now, due to the quality of the label on the back, it was not possible to recycle it as recyclable waste.

However, by changing to a re-peelable seal, it can be peeled off and recycled as recyclable waste.

While plastics are being taken up as an environmental issue, we received some opinions about manufacturing in bottles, but I would like to tell you why ORYZAE uses plastics.

Recycling of recyclable waste

The Containers and Packaging Recycling Law has made it possible to recycle plastic as recyclable waste since April 2000.

  1. ORYZAE containers should be washed clean after use and put out as resources according to the municipal waste separation and discharge method.
  2. After collection, the local government will compress and store it for easy storage and transportation.
  3. Recycle the product so that it can be reused as a resource by the recycling company.

    About the opinion that "manufacturing in bottles"

    Some people who use ORYZAE may say, "I would like to request manufacturing in bottles, not plastic."

    Environmental issues vary depending on the perspective, but we select plastics from the perspective of CO2 emissions.

    In the case of bottled products, it is known that one-way (one-time use) emits more CO2 than plastic, so it is necessary to collect and reuse it after cleaning.

    In that case, it takes time and money to build the infrastructure for reuse.

    As a result of comprehensive judgment from the cost aspect and organizational structure, we came to the conclusion that plastic should be used.

    To adopt a container that can be post-mailed

    ORYZAE posts by post from the viewpoint of delivery.

    Recently, redelivery due to absentee vote is increasing, but redelivery is not very good from an environmental point of view.

    Therefore, we have adopted a container with a thickness of 3 cm or less that allows post-mailing even when you are absent.

    Along with that, we were able to reduce shipping costs compared to courier services, and we were able to stick to raw materials.

    About biodegradable bioplastics

    The future goal for further sustainability is the development of containers using "biodegradable bioplastics".

    I will explain biodegradable bioplastics in detail in the next and subsequent journals, but in a nutshell, they are made in inedible parts such as corn instead of petroleum, and are decomposed after use. It is a plastic that returns to nature.

    However, even though it is biodegradable, it may not be decomposed in the sea, so it is not straightforward.

    Currently, there are no ready-made products, so it is necessary to make an original, which requires time and money.

    It may be difficult to realize it right now, but since the direction is clearly visible, we will definitely realize it as we reach many people.


    Thank you for reading this far.

    In making the food cosmetics ORYZAE, which says "make me beautiful, make the world beautiful," I have spent a lot of time thinking about a sustainable society in the future.

    We are trying to do what we can for the future after realizing that we are living and giving an environmental load.

    But as a result, you shouldn't have a hard time living yourself.

    That is why I would like to continue to search for choices that will make people who pick up the product ORYZAE, the world and the earth in the future, and us who make it happy.

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