September issue 2nd "Recommendation of delicious egg-cooked rice"

Hello. Nice to meet you.
I'm Wakayama from ORYZAE, a food cosmetics company.

Introduce yourself lightly.

I'm a college student who loves to eat.

Was it too light?
I will get into the main subject immediately.

Recommendation of delicious egg-cooked rice 🥚

It's been 5 months since I joined AGCL, and my love for Jiuqu sauce is only getting deeper.
If you notice any dish, I'm sprinkling it with Jiuqu sauce.

I'm sure my intestinal environment is going to be nice.

One day, I suddenly thought.

"Isn't it possible that the egg-cooked rice and the ORYZAE Jiuqu sauce don't match?"

From there, my egg-cooked rice life began.

This time, I would like to introduce my recommended egg-cooked rice.

SALT x olive oil

Origin and vertex

The yolk is cracked because of the tension I put on my blog.

SALT x olive oil, this is my standard style.
Olive oil is good for the intestines, so it's the best.

Morning, noon, night, three meals There were days when I ate this.

Congratulations to Wakayama for receiving the Egg Kake Rice of the Year award.

SALT x sesame oil

With this, the conflict will disappear from the world.

Congratulations on receiving the Peace Award by Wakayama.

SALT x SOY x Kimchi x Natto x Tomato

Recommended for days when you don't have an appetite. I have an appetite at once.

It is the strongest combination that natto bacteria of natto increase lactic acid bacteria of kimchi.

SOY x eggplant x butter

SOY and butter entwined with roasted eggplant.

Is it okay to have created such a delicious food in the world?
Isn't there a conflict over this?

There were some nights when I couldn't sleep because I was worried.

Enjoy a wonderful intestinal life with rice over eggs

How was it?

Eating delicious and healthy food will enrich your mind.

Please try to find your favorite topping.

As mentioned above, Wakayama, who loves Jiuqu sauce, recommended delicious egg-cooked rice.

Next time, I will send you a whisper of love to Jiuqu sauce.