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SWEET's easy recommended rice

I'm Wakayama, a staff member of ORYZAE, a food cosmetics company.

This time, we will send you the 3rd November issue of ORYZAE staff!

I am very happy that many people can enjoy Jiuqu sauce in the current campaign.

Because I love Jiuqu sauce! !! !!

Introducing your favorite rice using Jiuqu sauce, which is easy to make, by Wakayama, who loves Jiuqu sauce!

This time I'm focusing on my favorite SWEET 👀

Yogurt x SWEET

It's a simple snack that you just put SWEET on sugar-free yogurt.
It is also recommended for those who are on a diet with lower sugar than jamming!

It is the strongest combination of fermentation x fermentation with yogurt x jiuqu sauce.

Natto x SWEET x SALT

Natto that I have enjoyed with mustard and sauce.
The world began to shine when I tried SWEET with interest. Natto was also shining.

Harmony of sweetness and natto.
It is suitable because of the slight sweetness of the Jiuqu sauce.
This is a masterpiece that I can say because I have tried various combinations with natto.

Sweet potato rice x SWEET

I made 2 tablespoons of soy sauce, 1 teaspoon of sake, and SWEET in a rice cooker as much as I like.

A dish that feels autumn.
SWEET is made from rice in the first place, so it goes great with rice!

I'm sorry I don't have a photo!

Tomato x SWEET

I had the whole tomato soaked in olive oil and SWEET for about a day.
Thank you for being born ... I was involuntarily expressing my gratitude for this dish.

Vegetables x SWEET

Anyway, SWEET goes well with vegetables!
I've been really looking forward to eating salad since I met SWEET!

Have a fun life with Jiuqu

How was it?
Please try to find your favorite recipe!

SOY and SALT are very delicious, so please enjoy living with Jiuqu with Jiuqu sauce ♪

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