The first October issue "Welcome to Oatmeal World"

Hello everyone. I'm Kikushima from ORYZAE, a food cosmetics company.

I'm in the third year of college, and I've been worried recently.

I want to eat a lot of bread, but I get fat!

I love bread and often go to bakeries, but the other day I visited 6 stores and bought 9 pieces a day.

It feels like you're getting fat,

I want to eat bread,

But I don't want to get fat, I thought that the selfish

would never come true. However, a savior called "Oatmeal" appeared in front of me! Crackling

What is the savior "oatmeal"?

What is "oatmeal"? ?? I think there are some people who think that.

"Oatmeal" is a type of grain that is made by threshing oats to make it easier to eat.

Oatmeal has lower calories and sugar than white rice and wheat, and after all, it has plenty of dietary fiber. So it's perfect for diet and intestinal activity. As a perennial dieter, I'm not thankful for this. And the first point is that the way to eat is infinite.

It is a child whose potential is not perfect. This time, I would like to introduce my recommended way to eat oatmeal recipes.

How about you, are you thinking about eating oatmeal soon? It's not yet ~ I'm wondering if it's a delicious way to eat after this.

Introduction of recommended oatmeal

1. Oatmeal okonomiyaki

This is really delicious without compliments. Zero oatmeal feeling.

When I went home to my parents' house, I had her parents eat oatmeal okonomiyaki, and both of them were surprised to say, "This is oatmeal!". It seems that it was much better than expected.

It is highly recommended for people who do not usually eat oatmeal like this, but who are not good at oatmeal.

2. Oatmeal steamed bread

This is a desire to eat bread and you shouldn't eat too much bread! It is a wonderful food that balances the reason.

With infinite arrangements, you can make French toast, sandwiches with various ingredients, Maritozzo style, fried egg toast, etc.


It is no exaggeration to say that "the bread for me is steamed oatmeal bread"

I haven't bought bread for about a month since I started making steamed oatmeal bread!

This is amazing.



Love I'm sorry, Jiuqu Granola.

This Jiuqu Granola is made of oatmeal. It's delicious to eat as it is, and of course you can sprinkle it with milk or soy milk to make yogurt bark or granola bar.

Personally, I like to eat it as a snack when I'm hungry.

I like sweets, but the sweets on the market sold at supermarkets use a lot of sugar and so on, and I'm worried about calories.

But Jiuqu Granola is sugar-free and made from oatmeal, so it's guilt-free!

When I think about it, it just tastes good and I eat too much.

Be careful.


Did you notice the great potential of oatmeal?

If you are interested in oatmeal, please check it out.

That's right. I am that "oatmeal child".

Which⁉ is it, I'm sorry.

I'm still immature, but I want to become more famous and spread the appeal of oatmeal.

I would be grateful if you could support me! Thank you for your continued support.