September issue 1st "Granola Eating Championship"


I'm Watanabe from the ORYZAE staff who are addicted to granola breakfast! 🐶

It's a time when the climate is comfortable and you feel sleepy and have an appetite.


From this month, I would like to publish the ORYZAE staff monthly issue .

For those who are involved in ORYZAE, I would like to write an article that gives you a glimpse of our daily lives and makes us laugh.

This is the first memorable event!

I wrote about my recommended way to eat granola, so feel free to stop by 🌷

Female college student struggling with ORYZAE

First, just a little bit about me. .. ..

I am a college student currently working as a staff member at food cosmetics ORYZAE.

At ORYZAE, we are striving to open a store in Marche to get to know our products and to shorten the distance with you with such articles. Lol

First, I was very confused about what to write.

However, I would like to introduce a little bit about how to eat granola, thinking "If you have a lot of trouble, do what I like."

I welcome granola life every morning! I like granola as much as .

Actually, I'm going to work today after enjoying granola from the morning ☀️

Arbitrarily! Granola Eating Championship

I would like to introduce the arrangement of granola that I am actually doing.

Name it " Arbitrarily! Granola Eating Championship ”.

I will introduce how I usually enjoy my granola life by ranking it arbitrarily.

Dakadakadakadaka ,


1st place Granola x yogurt x frozen fruit

On top of the granola and yogurt, I put the frozen fruits I buy in bulk at Costco.

It's a quick finish with what you have prepared, so Easy fashionable , I feel like a good woman from the morning.

If plain yogurt isn't enough, you may use honey yogurt ◎

2nd place Granola x soy milk

Did you think "It's not milk !?"

Yes, I'm more soy milk than milk.

Actually, there was a time when I was on a diet.

At that time, by using soy milk instead of milk, the sugar content can be further reduced! I thought, " that? Soy milk may be better ".

As it is, I fell in love with the granola soymilk set.

It has a rich and mellow taste, so if you are a milk person, please try the soymilk granola experience for a change.

3rd place Granola as it is

Yes, I will eat it as it is.

Say it's an arrangement. I understand that, but it's delicious.

" I'm hungry, but I don't want to eat sweet treats or high-calorie sweets. " is especially recommended!

By the way, this is ORYZAE granola dried fruit & chocolate.

And I'll also promote it a little (laughs)

Besides, on the elegant morning when I have time, I make smoothies of frozen fruits and sprinkle granola on them to enjoy fashion.

It is also recommended to add a little granola to your regular meal over the salad.

What is your granola life?

How was it?

This time, I've arbitrarily ranked and introduced how to eat granola deliciously in the morning when I'm fluttering.

Please tell us what kind of eating habits you usually enjoy.

Actually, this is my first article posting and I am very excited.

From the next time onward, I will post the daily lives of other staff members, so I would be grateful if you could take a look at us in a moment.