Why I joined Agukuru

Hello, I'm Suzuki, who has been an intern since November!
You will be a new member. thank you!

In today's article, I would like to write about "Why I joined Agukuru".

The reason why I joined Agukuru is

"I want to review Japanese eating habits" Because I felt


I was originally indifferent to "food". Because when I graduated from high school, I started cooking when I left my parents and started living alone.

At first, I cook myself with a lot of energy. Only eating out and sparse meals with a biased nutrition ...

When you get sick, only rice and miso soup! There were days like that lol

This is no good! If you get rid of it, including a convenience store, you won't have to worry about cooking yourself! From a straightforward idea, I worked part-time every day and lived by eating convenience store waste.

One day when I continued to live like that, I saw an article about Japanese food additives. Convenience stores and restaurant chains contain a large amount of food additives, and it is not good to eat for a long time. It has been changed.

However, it is difficult to prepare a meal that athletes eat every day while considering nutrition, but if you cut corners again, you will return to your previous life ...

When I was upset about what to do, I happened to remember Agukuru. In a university class, I heard in a business trip lecture by President Koizumi that he wanted to support people's eating habits with the power of fermentation.

This is it! I also want to change the eating habits of Japan!

That is the reason why I met Agukuru and participated. Still more,

Although I am still inexperienced in food, I would like to deepen my understanding of various "food" as well as the Orize series released by Agukuru and contribute to customers in this field as much as possible. I look forward to working with you!

That was the article about the new member Suzuki! Thank you for reading until the end!