Relationship with Jimbo Sakae Miku Shoten


It is food cosmetics ORYZAE.

It's getting chilly, but how are you all doing?

Actually, the other day, I visited the miso shop "Jimbo Ei Miku Shoten" in Nikko City, Tochigi Prefecture, which makes our Jiuqu sauce.

"How is Jiuqu made?"
"What kind of place is Jimbo Sakae Miku Shoten?"

I would like to share with you this story that I learned that our products are also made in cooperation with a beautiful shop and a passionate miso shop.

From the inside of the factory to the thoughts of the representative, it is reflected nakedly, so please join us in the world of miso shop.

What is Jimbo Sakae Miku Shoten?

First of all, I would like to briefly introduce Mr. Eizo Jimbo Shoten, who makes our Jiuqu sauce together.

The brand "Noshu Ginjo Miso" is being transmitted nationwide. Miso shop with a long history from the Meiji era is.

A beautiful appearance based on white that makes you want to enter, which is one of the continuous roads of Nikko.

Inside the shop, there were many glittering miso that you would want to touch, and there were many other products.

This time, we visited the factory and interviewed Mr. Kazunori Jimbo, the 5th generation representative who has a long history, about his thoughts on the product!

The secret that Jiuqu is made

First, I would like to introduce a little about how the Jiuqu, which is the source of our Jiuqu sauce, is made, along with the factory we visited.

Please take a look at the Jiuqu, keeping in mind that it is made by adding Jiuqu to steamed rice.

First of all, we use this big machine to make Jiuqu from rice.

After pouring rice from the right side and sharpening the rice, it is called "soaking" to sufficiently moisten the rice to make it plump.

After that, steam it with steam using a puffer.

Then cool the steamed rice once.

This is because if you put the bacteria in a hot place, the bacteria will weaken.

Then, after attaching the Jiuqu, it takes 48 hours to make the Jiuqu in this Jiuqu room.

In fact, Jiuqu produces heat when fermented.

If the heat rises too high, the bacteria will self-destruct.

Therefore, the breeze is sent, kneaded and loosened to lower the heat, and the jiuqu is made.

It's interesting that the miso and jiuqu sauce that you usually eat are made using such a machine.

I saw the current factory, which is a mixture of parts that have a long history and parts that have been improved in order to make delicious foods more efficiently in the manufacturing process.

Next, let's take a closer look at the secret of Mr. Ei Miku Shoten, who has spun such a long history.

The color of the miso shop I create at this store

Each miso shop has a different color.

The color of this miso shop is not only the taste and characteristics, but also how the difference in appearance and thoughts is reflected to the customer.

What kind of color does Jimbo Sakae Miku Shoten project?

First, "Miso from the kuramoto here has this kind of taste." It is due to the taste itself and tradition.

You can make good Jiuqu that is evaluated by others What Jinbo Eizo Shoten will continue to protect with all his heart is the history itself that has continued since the Meiji era.

However, while firmly inheriting the traditions and values that have been passed down from generation to generation, we must create the color of this miso shop for modern customers with the changing times.

that is, What can only be created by Mr. Kazunori Jimbo is.

Just because it's a successor, it doesn't just take over what parents and the first generation have done.

It is necessary to make use of the experience gained in the life that I have lived, what I have asked and thought about while actually making products.

I will pursue what I can do, reflect it, and grow this existing store in my own way.

Mr. Jimbo, who was told that he likes to do his own details and is good at creating more and more, has challenged himself as it is.

That is why we are able to realize new products that we have now and "Miso with a long history" in a beautiful building.

In this way, the shape created by what you continue to protect and what you take in your own personality is the color of this miso shop.

"If the maker compromises on making, it's not the maker."

Next, I asked him about his belief that he would never change.

I think it is sometimes difficult and sometimes conflicting to keep the tradition while incorporating your own personality.

However, no matter how the times change, there must be something that you shouldn't hang around in yourself.


"If the maker compromises on making, it's not the maker."

He strongly said the word.

Nowadays, the impression from the information may come out before the taste.

For example, it's like making the story and the added value part look magnificent, but when you try it, you think "that?".

That shouldn't be the case.

First, Firm taste And make something that customers really think is delicious.

After that, add value or put a story on it to differentiate it.

"How good is it?"

It was said that this belief alone was something I didn't want to change for the rest of my life.

Miso shop who keeps trying

I would also like to talk about how we would like to proceed in the future.

Mr. Jimbo will continue to take on challenges and continue to create new products.

You can't make it in vain, and even if you increase the number of products, customers will get lost.

Instead, we will pursue the needs of our customers and continue to walk with this Jimbo Eizo Shoten without losing our personality.

Providing true taste for our customers

"I'm glad that this place that connects cultures is still there."

You said that you want to be a place where you can think.


How was that.

This time, we have posted the introduction and thoughts of Mr. Ei Miku Shoten, who is indispensable for food cosmetics ORYZAE and will continue to be involved in the future.

I am delighted to be able to cooperate with such a wonderful person and a wonderful miso shop.

I would like to continue to make my dreams come true together.

Thank you for reading this time as well.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!