This place of Jiuqu sauce is amazing!

Food cosmetics for beautiful sleep in the body

Jiuqu sauce is rice Fermented I made it.
An important meal for beauty, " Easy, delicious and healthy It is a food cosmetic that leads to.

A brief introduction to Jiuqu sauce

There are three types of ORYZAE Jiuqu sauce.
It is a Jiuqu sauce that is fermented based on Jiuqu.

SOY-Soy sauce

Jiuqu sauce of "rich and rich umami" 🥄


It is a "deep and mellow salty taste" Jiuqu sauce.


It is a Jiuqu sauce that brings out the sweetness only with Jiuqu.

This place of Jiuqu sauce is amazing!

ORYZAE Jiuqu sauce is made with various commitments to realize "make me beautiful. Make the world beautiful."

This time I will tell you the great points of such Jiuqu sauce!

① Jiuqu is amazing!

Jiuqu made by fermenting rice is rich in B vitamins and kojic acid, which have a beautiful skin effect.

B vitamins -Vitamin B group effectively supports the metabolism of the proteins that make up the skin and lays the foundation for beautiful skin.

Kojic acid -It has the function of suppressing the action of the enzyme (tyrosinase) that causes stains.

Aoi Kinoshita, a nutrition manager, said, "In the process of fermentation, due to the various powers of fermenting bacteria, Ingredients that are beneficial to the body are produced I'm happy about that, At the same time, umami is also born That is the versatility of fermented foods. "

Jiuqu sauce, which is a fermented seasoning, is not only good for the body It's very delicious!

② The raw materials are amazing!

No additives such as scientific seasonings are used, and three types of ORYZAE are born from the ultimate simple raw materials.

Soy sauce (SOY)

100% domestic raw materials, non-genetically modified soybeans We use whole soy sauce.

Despite the fact that soybeans are familiar to Japanese people, the self-sufficiency rate is only 7%.

Using domestic soy sauce contributes to the primary industry.

Salt (SALT)

Of the Izu Peninsula 100% seawater condensed by the power of the sun and wind We use "sea spirit" salt.

In addition to sodium chloride, which is the main component of salt, it contains various and well-balanced minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium.

Well-balanced minerals help keep the skin moisturized.

Jiuqu (sweet)

Jiuqu, which is the base of the three types of Jiuqu sauce, No pesticides or chemical fertilizers used Made from rice.

Since no pesticides are used, active enzymes that cause bad bacteria are suppressed, supporting cleanliness from inside the body.

③ Friendly to the earth!

ORYZAE's Jiuqu sauce is kind to the earth, so we are particular about circulating raw materials and packaging.
By using ORYZAE's Jiuqu sauce, it also contributes to protecting the environment.

1. Upcycling

What is an upcycle? Increase value without throwing away old things That is.

Although the quality of ORYZAE rice is high, we also use badly shaped rice and the ones from the previous year.

2. Food mileage

Food mileage is the distance traveled by food.
The longer the transportation distance, the higher the amount of CO2 and other emissions.

To reduce the environmental load associated with transportation All ORYZAE ingredients are domestic is.

3. Friendly to the earth

Agricultural chemicals and chemical fertilizers have a considerable impact on the environment.

In ORYZAE's Jiuqu, No pesticides or scientific fertilizers used By using rice, soil pollution and water pollution can be caused. Reduces environmental load Is connected to.

Lots of good points!

Jiuqu can improve the intestinal environment.

By adjusting the intestinal environment, you can bring out beauty and health from within your body.

①Beautify your skin ②Improve constipation

When the intestinal environment deteriorates, intestinal putrefaction progresses, leading to rough skin and constipation.
The condition of the intestines is reflected in the condition of the skin and stool.

Jiuqu contains a lot of B vitamins that are good for hair and skin So Very good for beauty is.

③ Become easy to lose weight ④ Immunity improvement

Lean bacteria in the intestine prefer an environment where good bacteria predominate.
Fermented food Increase the number and types of good bacteria can do ..
Furthermore, about 70% of immune cells are concentrated in the intestine, and it works normally when the intestinal environment is good. Immunity improves To do.

⑤ Stable secretion of the happiness hormone "serotonin"

Serotonin has the effect of adjusting the self-sustaining nerves and making the mind positive. Easy to feel happiness , It is less likely to get frustrated.
90% of such serotonin is made in the intestines.

Clean from the inside with Jiuqu sauce

I believe that actions for myself will lead to the happiness of others, society, and the earth.

I hope that everyone feels happy using ORYZAE, which has led to the health of those around them and the future of the earth.

Let's bring out the beauty of everyone inside with us and with ORYZAE.